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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter




"Up & Coming Artist: Siergio"

I introduced R&B singer Siergio a few weeks , and I have to say I truly became a fan of his music and his drive as an independent artist. I had an interview with Siergio, and I got to the bottom of some the things people wanted to know about Siergio.. Check out the interview below

MzFlymissez : Hello Siergio how are you?

Siergio: I’m doing great. Just getting everything ready for the top of year! I’m very excited about my upcoming project “The night Before”.

MzFlymissez: When did you realize you had the gift to sing?
Siergio: When I was 5 years old I use to run away to a quiet place in the house and sing. My sister caught me singing and told the entire family. (laughs) I haven’t stopped singing since.

MzFlymissez: Who are some of your past and present musical influences

Siergio: I would definitely have to say Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker and Stevie Wonder. My present musical influences range from Monica, Beyonce, Adele, John Legend, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Brandy, Chris Brown and even Frank Ocean. Outside of them, my grandmother plays a major influence in my voice and sound. Growing up in Chicago I was exposed to a lot of singers but when my grandmother would sing, it was different. Her voice came from a heavenly place. I use to describe it as beautiful thunder. I am still learning a lot from her.

MzFlymissez: Would you ever sing songs outside the R&B genre?

Siergio: I enjoy every genre of music. R&B is home for me but I would love to step outside of my place of comfort and try different things. One of the reasons that I really enjoy Beyonce is because she has never been afraid of trying different things. I definitely want to try country music. (laughs)

MzFlymissez: Since I put out your feature ..I must say the ladies are drawn to you and wanted to know were you single?
Siergio: (laughs) I am single. I’m young and I just want to have fun. I’m not looking for a girlfriend but if she happens to fall into my hands I am definitely going to catch her! (haha)

MzFlymissez: If you could have the opportunity to work with a particular artist, who would it be, and why?

Siergio: I would love to work with Taylor swift. I want to hear her on a R&B record. I think she’s incredible at what she does, so to take her into another lane would be interesting. A duet with us would be unexpected. (smiles) I like the unexpected.

MzFlymissez:With the year 2012 approaching what can we expect from you?Siergio: You can expect my EP “The Night before”. It is a collection a songs that I have been working on for about a year. These songs give you an open door into my life. They touch on failed relationships, finding love, being young and free, sex and life after love. I am extremely excited about this because people will get a chance to hear who Siergio is as an artist. All of the music comes from me or writers who really got to know me. Music should be from experience. I will be releasing a host of music videos from this project and my past mixtape. You can also catch me as a character on “The Urban Musical” directed by Theshay West. It is a YouTube series that has been receiving a lot of buzz. I play a character by the name of David. David is a young professional at a record label and he falls for this girl named Joy. He is interesting. Ladies will definitely appreciate his character. I have also been doing a lot of writing for other artist so hopefully you will be hearing some of my work on some of your favorites new albums. (crosses fingers)

MzFlymissez: Do you have any shout outs?

Siergio: I definitely want to ShoutOut the hardest working fans out there, Team Siergio. I love and appreciate everything you guys have done for me. I also want to ShoutOut the DJs who have been spinning my records. ShoutOut to all of the other unsigned artist who are out there making things happen. ShoutOut to everyone who has been apart of my movement and progression, you are appreciated.

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Underneath The Covers Mixtape

1. Siergio (with Frank Ocean) - Underneath the Covers 01:55 download

2. Siergio (with Melanie Fiona) - 4 A.M. 03:01

3. Yes 03:36

4. Siergio (with Drake) - Wetter 03:40

5. Siergio (with Drake) - Karaoke 03:18

6. Siergio (with Wale) - Lotus Flower Bomb

7. Siergio (with Galaxy Rich) - Legs On My Shoulder

8. Siergio (with Chris Brown) - Wet the Bed 04:21

9. Siergio (with Beyonce) - I Miss You 03:03

10. Whatever 03:52



There are artist who have something, there are artists who just got it, and upon hearing his voice for the first time, it is obvious that singer/songwriter Siergio Larry is one who has it. With an irresistible blend of soul, funk, R&B and pop, he invokes greats from the past while bringing something new to the game. He honors the roots of R&B while imagining it greater. A native of Chicago, Illinois he was exposed to violence, crime, the party scene, abuse and prostitution at a very young age. At the tender age of 5, his family discovered his powerful, rich, full and mature voice. He often times took to songwriting to document his several experiences of love, pain and life. Throughout the years of his adolescence, his voice developed and grew heights his family never expected. He began performing at local talent shows, school musicals, recording at local studios, and performing at weddings. He is humble, leveled, determined, passionate, talented and extraordinary. Music is his life. “I don’t know where I’d be without music. Music has gotten me through hell and anguish. I cannot give up on it now. I would be a fool to walk away from it now,” Siergio professes while currently pursuing music in Atlanta, Ga. A young and refreshing talent, he is ready to take on any of music’s heavyweights.