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Sierra Marie Lidgett <3 DOB June 19, 1990!
I am a lyricist. I enjoy writing poetry and songs.
I like writing about real stuff, like the people in my life or the way I am feeling. Love to Love, and Love to write about Love. "All you need is Love." - The Beatles. (one of my favorites).. and I believe that Love is really all there is, without it we have nothing.. that is one of my influences, Love. I am young, 19, but life has had its up and downs with me, so I am not as naive as many young adults.. i've been through heartache, strife, a broken home, lost friends, and taken a few punches (not physically, i've never been in a fight).. so I know a lot for my age. Of course I have also seen many happy times in my life, smiling, laughing.. I do say that there has been more happiness than sadness because life is all about living, laughing, and loving.. you can't erase a mistake and start over.. one chance, and I try to remember that.
I moved to California at the age of 18, for no apparant reason at all.. my brother and best friend just thought it would be fun, then three days later.. poof, we are on our way. The road trip was one of my greatest memories. Now I live in Bakersfield, CA (pop. 500,000.. from a small town of Alexandria, IN (pop. 5,000), and boy oh boy is this place packed! and smelly. I work at an Albertsons in the Butcher Block dept. and come home every night smelling like fish and raw meat, it's not fun AT ALL. So now i'm here, doing my best.. no insurance, no car, no contacts, still having to pay for these braces, no money for college, bills to pay, and not to mention an old speeding ticket... it's hard. So I write.. mainly on my free time to relieve some of that tension that builds up inside from all the stress of living the "cali dream". I spend a lot of time, actually almost all my time with my boyfriend (love love love) and he takes care of me, he appreciates the way I treat him and he appreciates how I try to keep my head held high as much as humanly possible. His outlook on life is a very good one as well... "No one lives better just different." excellent, huh. He encourages me to keep on writing and stands by me all the way. His son, Triston inspires me also.. he is one of the cutest people in the world. I Love having the motherly figure in someones life, maybe he will inheret some of my traits. My mom, also, loves my writing.. she is the one who has always told me that I should become some type of writer. I mean, c'mon, the woman has been reading what i've been writing ever since I could write, so she must sense some kind of talent. I just hope I find a way to get my lyrics OUT THERE, maybe get lucky and earn some royalties to help with my financial situations.. and education to write more songs! :)