Siga La Flecha

Siga La Flecha


In our music there's arrows pointing everywhere. There's electronic music, there's reggae, there's funk, there's psychedelia, there's world music… Each of the members' different and eccentric personalities is mixed in this project.


SLF was born six years ago as a project of the singer and guitarist
Lisandro Aloi. On a study trip to Los Angeles he registered some demos
of improvised music and showed them to the percussionist Diego
Hernandez when he came back to Argentina. With the initial pair
established, there were dozens of recordings and many musicians
participated in SLF (even the actor Fernando Peña with his creatures),
until the first CD was finished.
Today SLF's members are: Emanuel Manso as keyboard player and
programming, drummer Alejandro Wasserreich, bassist Andres Aloi and
lead guitar and voice Lisandro Aloi.
Even though this is the definitive line up of the band, SLF is
characterized for having many invited musicians on scene.
The band released its first album "Siga La Flecha and The Panvisual
Orientation System" on 2005. Their first two videos "Relax" and
"Sugus" rotated in MTV and other music channels in Argentina.
SLF played in important festivals such as Pepsi Music (2005,2006 &
2007) in Argentina and the Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival
(2007) in Brazil. SLF has also been playing in the most important
local scene.
The band is now working on its second album, called Nomad Philosophy and The Internacional Guiso to be released on 2008. SLF's search is not only musical: pictures of various photographers
and theatre elements can be seen in its shows. SLF fuses electronic,
reggae, rock and world music. This combination of audiovisual material
makes SLF a very interesting proposal offering the audience a multiple
stimulation of senses. This is the aim of Lisandro Aloi, a
photographer who has travelled the world capturing landscapes and
everyday scenes.


Siga La Flecha and The Panvisual System (2005)

A long list of musicians and artists participated in the making of their first album “Siga La Flecha and The Panvisual Orientation System”.
More than 50 audio files were collected from TV shows, old movies, trips across the world, as well as pictures of different cities such as London, New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin: “ A collection of… the Panvisual Orientated Association of Sounds”.
The CD has 15 tracks and a multimedia including the “Relax” song video and an interactive booklet.

Set List

Our set list depends on our mood and the audience´s. We do a lot of improvisation, and our own song versions tend to be changed. Our sets go from 40 minutes to how long they let us play and can change moods from acoustic to electronic.