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Sight's music is best described as being street soul. His music is insightful, impactful and something the Hip Hop heads can move to all at the same time. Being a child of 90's Hip Hop, Sight champions lyricisim, consciousness and street appeal. His music is sure to please any and all crowds.


Sight found his love for Hip Hop back in 1988 when YO MTV Raps first hit the airwaves. Being only 10 years old at that time while discovering his musical interests; Hip Hop quickly became a part of his life. Being musically raised in the 90's Hip Hop era; Sight considers lyricism and consciousness to be the foundations of a real MC. Not many years had passed before he wrote his first rhyme in 1993. For the next 14 years Sight found himself pursuing a future in Hip Hop joining various crews and recording many unreleased projects. Sight is known for being a deliberate and topical writer/MC, creating songs that address life’s various issues and experiences from everyday occurrences to deep spiritual messages. "Life is summed up in the phrase - First God - Family - Then Hip Hop".


- Proverbs (LP) 1996

- Code Red (LP) 1998

- First Things First The MixTape (2008)

- Currently working on 'Rebel With A Cause' MixTape

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Set List

Typical set list includes: This N That - Connect - Fools Gold