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San Antonio, Texas, United States

San Antonio, Texas, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live & Local: Sight 4 Sore Eyes at The Mix"

By Adam Villela Coronado

Published: September 14, 2011

With his short-haired dome, thick mustache, and gruff demeanor, Fred “Mota” Rodríguez looks like he should be hurling beer-soaked insults at the Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon instead of playing suicide songs on a Friday night. That is, he doesn’t look like a typical New Waver. Of course, he also claims membership to Blood Spill (1986-1990), which he describes as SA’s first black metal outfit (a portion of the demo tape lives on YouTube; search “Playground of Death”). Yet wearing athletic shorts, sporty T-shirt, and cross-trainers, Rodríguez’s new quartet’s maiden gig took place Friday at The Mix.

The band’s press release claimed they would “destroy” the club. While The Mix is still standing, it’s definitely leaning with eyes downcast and hands in pockets. Rodríguez led from behind the drum kit, pounding out songs of heartbreak and disappointment and singing in a voice somewhere between the Cure’s Robert Smith and Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan. He was flanked by “Porko” Joe Pérez on bass, “Hollywood” Vincent García on guitar, and Bonnie Aguilar on keys. The group brought the sentimental pain in high fashion, regularly deviating from the New Wave mold.

Rodríguez howled over Aguilar’s Gaelic keyboard-generated strings and a Sabbath-like groove on opener “Alone and Drifting.” Dreamy ballad “Lies and Misery” showcased the give-and-take between García and Pérez. García took long, Edge-like notes in the solos while Pérez offered some busy, almost funky playing. Sight 4 Sore Eyes make claims of space rock on their ReverbNation page. They made good on the smoldering Floyd-esque “Sunshine Through the Window,” with Aguilar leading on the Rhodes and García and Rodríguez both losing themselves on their respective instruments. Rodríguez described their closer “A Gift for the Lizard” as “the lost Doors song.” The cut featured a beatnik boogie and swirling chorus (“Fuck me baby, all night long”) before Rodríguez screamed, “I am the cockroach king! I can do anything!”

Rodríguez’ surliness was a stark contrast to what he described between songs as his “beautiful music,” but it made the Sight 4 Sore Eyes no less affecting. Perhaps, more so.

- San Antonio's The Current


Sight 4 Sore Eyes has yet to release their new album. Recently just finishing the mastering process our list of songs on our new album are:
Lies and Misery
Nothings ever going to change
Demonstration of Power
A Note of Sympathy
Alone and Drifiting
Sunshine through the Window
Sky Chariots



Sight 4 Sore Eyes began in 2008 when their previous band dissolved after losing their drummer.Lead singer Fred Mota took the reigns and whole heartedly mastered the drums giving the band their new edge. With the main nucleus of the band still intact the loss of a member didnt phase their process of writing music, in fact it intensified immensely.
Sight 4 Sore Eyes searches great music from the past putting old sounds with new harmonies taking music on a different voyage. With Fred Mota as lead singer on drums, Bonnie Aguilar on keyboards, Joe Perez on bass, and Vincent Garcia on guitar the band surpassed previous expectations from themselves pushing their own boundaries further and further.
Sight 4 Sore Eyes can best be described as a cross between 70's space rock/psychedelica and 80's new wave with influences from Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Cure, Black Sabbath and other classic bands too many to name.
S4SE believes that this isn't a popularity contest, although the band has many devoted fans, this is a band that needs to be heard.With structure and intiricate beauty Sight 4 Sore Eyes' music speaks for itself, you have to hear this band.