Sights Unscene

Sights Unscene


Sights Unscene is the epitome of the up and coming rock music generation of bands. The individual talent of each of the members combined with the musical chemistry of the band as a whole provides a raw energy while performing that is captivating to the audience and keeps them coming back for more.


Our music stems from the individual tastes of each member in the band and comes together to form our unique sound. Forming back in 2006 in Southlake Tx in Brian's room barely big enough for his drum set and bed we set out to make our impact on the DFW music scene. Our first stop on that journey was the Southlake annual talent show (which we have played at a total of 3 times). Then came the Southlake battle of the bands in which we placed third and received our prized JoBros poster which, naturally, was hung up directly behind the drum set in our practice room. Our next shows included The Aardvark in Ft. Worth in Feb. 2009 and The Door Ft. Worth in April. We released our full band demo in March '09 and have continued to grow a steady fan base ever since. We are looking for any opportunity to show the world our music and to revitalize the music scene in Dallas, Ft. Worth and beyond. Our goal is to do everything it takes to always perform to the best of our ability and take nothing for granted.


Full band demo released in March of 2009 including
1. False Forecast
2. Tell Me
3. Black Sand Secret
4. Wake Up
5. Number 5

Set List

Our set list consists of our demo songs as well as the newest songs we have completed up until then. We also do covers of songs such as "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies, "Mercy Me" by Alkaline Trio, and "Forever" by Papa Roach