Sight Transcend

Sight Transcend

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Sight Transcend are technical, brutal, melodic and progressive craftsmen of metal. Experiencing our energy infused live show is a must. The live platform is where Sight Transcend showcase their sonically absorbing brand of boundary defying metal that will leave your jaw on the ground!


For the last 3 years, Perth's SIGHT TRANSCEND have been diligently establishing themselves as a major force in Western Australia's metal community.
Their melodic brand of pulverising tech- groove, watertight execution and enthralling live performance has warranted them sharing the stage with International act Static X in November 2009, and playing with some of Australia's best, including;
I Killed The Prom Queen, Voyager, Chaos Divine, Dyscord, Pathogen, The Furor and Gallows For Grace.
Other achievements have included successful headline launch shows of their highly anticipated debut EP 'For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow', in both an
All Ages and 18+ settings, being invited to play at the West Australian Music Industry (WAMi) Festivals 2008 Metal Night, and completing a 5 show tour of the Southwest Corridor of W.A. in 2007.

The release of their debut EP 'For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow', has been a long time in the making. Opting not to release a commercial disk until they had grown into their musical skins has had its advantages. It becomes evident that 'For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow' is a very different beast to the majority of copycat artists out there that tend to clutter metal and its subset genres.

The 5 red-hot tracks that greet your ears are full of cleverly woven twists and turns. Sight Transcend demonstrate their prowess to create brutal and crushingly intense passages, whilst never departing from a sense of intimacy and stirringly harmonic overtones. It is indeed this ability to merge many facets, feelings and styles of music that gives Sight Transcend their signature sound.

The passion and vision is clearly evident in these four young men, whose moniker alludes to going beyond what is normally seen.

Expect to see alot more from Sight Transcend in the months to come, including W.A. tours and headlining shows
in support of the EP, new music videos, single releases and national tours planned for 2010.

Sight Transcend's scope has always been an international one, and it is a pleasure to invite you as they begin their journey with this release.

SIGHT TRANSCEND'S 'For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow' is available nationally through Firestarter Music from August 17, 2009.
You can also find our EP on iTunes Internationally, and at Waterfront Records. (


The expanded Story of Sight Transcend.

'Sight Transcend' was formed in 2004 with Josh, Adum and Jordan seeking a frontman after the disdanding of their last metal project 'Xpired'. They found Ed, the 'then' guitarist/singer for prog rock trio 'P.L.O.W.'.

Songs began flowing quickly within the newly formed 4 piece, with ideas coming from many spectrums and perspectives of life. Many of the original songs like 'The Other 95' and 'Dying Light' carried powerful philosophical messages, stemming from Eds new found freedom of expression within singing. "I feel I can more accurately express myself through words.." muses Ed, " aposed to having an instrument as an intercessor to my musical expressions."

'Soon, there were enough songs and drive to take our brand of metal outside Josh's garage," laughs Adum. "We started out slowly, at local pubs and clubs, the found a monthly residency at The Castle, in Nothbridge. Man, we played in that place so much!"

After a years worth of shows, and a venturing out of the city and into rural Western Australia for a tour, 2006 saw the name 'Sight Transcend' finally superceed the old 'Xpired' Banner. "It was definately time for the change, as our music had just kept evolving and changing, and we felt the old name wasnt doing us any favours!" says Josh. "It was a long process, but the name 'Sight Transcend' captures the idea of going beyond what is seen, and also expresses the bands want to continually push past the normal confines of what is acceptable in metal."

"We are a band whose sound captures many spectrums of heavy music. The artistic term 'chiaroscuro' comes to mind when describing the balance between the fast, brutal, technically prolific and progressive style of our expression, in relationship to the soaring, groove infused, melodically intuitive sections." says Ed.

We are into all sorts of stuff, but bands that have been most influential include Meshuggah, Soilwork, Between The Buried and Me, Dimmu Borgir, Textures, Sikth, Opeth, Lamb Of God.

The last 3 years have been great for Sight Transcend, as they became more recognised as a key player in Perths local heavy music scene. Supporting International act 'I killed The Prom Queen', aswell as nationally known acts 'Pathogen', 'Voyager', 'Malignant Monster', 'Chaos Divine' and 'Dyscord', definately helped to cement the name into peoples minds. The band went on their first tour, seeing South Western Australia with brother bands 'Dogs Of War', In A Moment' and 'Deadlock'.

2009 is proving to be even bigger, with the release of their debut EP "For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow', th


Quietly Burning

Written By: Sight Transcend

Quietly Burning

Instrumental to the saving of souls,
Holy Spirit fill me with serenity
Incorporate your life into my solitary shell,
To stand the test of time infinity

Saving grace, over foul mistakes,
Innocence is taken right infront of me
The hollow ground, again we tread
In the hope somehow we’ll find a remedy

This is not - who we have been made to be
Now we seek the path that is the least resistant of them all
Conquering, conquering, conquering, dimishing our grip
sensibilities slip from our lifeless fingers,
alone and wondering why

Stand up, take hold, wisdom, she calls, will you respond
Stepping, into, a path, unknown, bring it on!

Am I running and living my dreams?
Am I falling and fast asleep?
Give me courage to differ between,
Threads of life fall apart at the seams

Into a hope we have been born
Stand fast you’ll soon embrace the dawn
Deception, lies, false alibis
In truth is where my soul belongs

We have been freed from this blaming and curse game,
we are forgotten kuz they owe us nothing
Start breaking the cycle that holds us all captive,
The ways our forefathers trod leads to destruction.


None Left Behind

Written By: Sight Transcend

None Left Behind

Skies, are flowing forth with freedom
Your life an endless hollow?
Dwell deep in darkened shadows?
Life long ambition swallowed?
Take on life for tomorrow!
When will action be taken, when all the dead are avenged
Truth over darkened spirit, brace us to defend
Stand and shine, our breathe won't die , a fear contrived, will tear my spine
Too shy commit, days go by, alive again, wait for the time

Remember the time, we wanted to fly, before we could walk, so eager to climb
I feel for our youth, who live in a time, expected to learn what we did overnight
Remember the time, we wanted to fly, before we could walk, i believe that its...

Time to render useless, all our conscious, seeking a path rightious, fearless in Guidance
Calming the stray moments, with pure focus, striving to stay potent, in black market

To kill all the innocent, and to be proud you did,
shows only your cowardice, nobody should die like this
There'll be none left behind
Set your eyes to...

Skies, are flowing forth with
freedom, those that choose the path of
wisdom, that comes from fleeing the flame

you have heard that it was said, love your neighbour, and hate your enemy
but i tell you, love your enemies

We are, up against a world thats sure to pull us and drag us down
lament, truthful wisdom, posting pain that, turns our grin into a frown,
forever, constant battles rage, compete for top place inside our minds
across the world, you cant deny, we've seen our leaders bound and tied

to rules, the world's, instilled in men, to change its face from nest to den
of thieves live only to pretend, to cast, aside, harmonic zen

For we have seen the tides move, further towards the den
The grass is greener here if only you’d stop and stay


For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow

Written By: Sight Transcend

For The Sake Of Your Tommorrow

The gloves are off, and blood is on our hands
Death, or freedom?
In this life, I take a back seat, of suppression, my past haunts me

But now the time has come, the futures in our hands,
Rise, to meet it
With opens arms, and unclenched fists, never swayed, by sands that shift.

Pushing past my yesterday
Carpe Diem, seize the day
Pushing past my, yesterday

If you cant give up your past, it will take you as far as yesterday
Winter winds chill my former trails,
Embrace the sun and drive the snow away
What are you willing to leave behind, for the sake of your tomorrow?
What are you willing to leave behind, for the sake of your tomorrow?

We are called to overcome,
awaken o' sleeper
On and on and on we run
riding on, wings like eagles

Consider this your Holy calling,
I speak directly to the man inside
You are free from all your heavy burdens,
Why dont you step with me into the light?

"You have heard that it was said, love you neighbour and hate your enemy
but i tell you, love you enemies."

The time has come, to leave behind our worn, and tattered clothes,
You are free indeed, to step into a robe, of righteousness

Be set free, theres life in you, that longs to roam, not be subdued,
Mark your line, in the sand, together, well make our stand
We’ll make our stand!

Then there’ll be none left behind,
Open the gates, let there be light,
Theres not much time left, to intercede,
Shatter the hands of clockwork greed,
I’m finally awaken from my slumber by a living God

We are called to overcome,
awaken o' sleeper
On and on and on we run
riding on, wings like eagles

Consider this your Holy calling,
I speak directly to the man inside
You are free from all your heavy burdens,
Why dont you step with me into the light?



Written By: Sight Transcend


An incantation to kill the birth of a new nation and keep it from learning the truth

Sword of salvation, drawn to combat condemnation and free us from the noose

Tonight we stand as one

Were drawn like winds from the four corners to sort the goats out from the sheep

To death, the heart that’s unrepentant, to life, where souls will never weep,

Because I Lord, your servant for sheep, long for change, to help them see

To help them see the truth

I will find a way. I will find
I will find a way, for you, my chosen few.

There must be more to life, than what these eyes see

Because I Lord, your servant for sheep, long for change, to help them see.



2006 - Western Swing Demo
2009 - 'For The Sake Of Your Tomorrow' EP

Set List

- 'Interseed'
- 'For The Sake of Your Tomorrow'
- 'Shatterhands'
- 'None Left Behind'
- 'Quietly Burning'
- 'Shebedebah'

We can fill a 45 minute set..