A melodic mix of music between Satriani and Rush, while still sounding completely original.


SIGHT UNSEEN was formed in Hiroshima, Japan.

Nick Horn and Shawn Harding have resurrected the once faltered band, bringing to us a methodical, mesmerizing sound while pushing the boundaries of music and odd meters into a very digestible place.

Reminiscent of their first collaboration, Credo Ergo Sum in 2000, Resurrection sounds decadent and attacks you from every angle. Leaving no stone unturned and taking no prisoners, it is a culmination of musical frustration that erupts onto each track.

Equally frustrated, Brett Inman joined the band bringing to it the vocal edge it needed from the start. The music is a perfect backdrop to his unbridled melodies and lyrics.

Now that the band has realized it's full potential, it has become a band of musicians and brothers. We truly appreciate working together to bring the SIGHT UNSEEN sound to you all.


Underneath the Moon

Written By: Brett Inman

well i feel
trapped beneath the moonlight
grounded to the ocean floor
carrying my soul away

call to me
when the path is leading nowhere
when the glimmer of your life forgets to shine
you know that you are mine, beneath it all
beneath the moon

well, i know
i know you're out there somewhere
needing to be freed from it all
the pain within your soul
won't let it go
it never will replace
the frozen shores that hold you there
that keep you in despair
so, call to me underneath the moon


Written By: Brett Inman

he sees right through her window
he's all that she can think of
with sunlight slowly fading
like rain on a summer day
she falls
into the memory
of what they use to be
oh, they never knew heaven
was not that far away
he's crawlin' through the window
but still she fails to see
that he is too far gone
what was can never be

in a fit of rage
in a crime of passion
the gun fell to the floor
their unspoken trust
was broken by lust
and lay dying evermore

a sunset .45
it's time to bring you home

for the rest of time
they'll be stuck in this moment
when it's done it repeats once again
the only signs of life
that they leave behind them
are the echo's in the halls
a glimmer of light
a reflection of color
coming from the window payne
the creaks of the house
that someone else lives in
nothing else remains

it's all they remember
familiar calls
they go on
a glimmer of light
a refraction of color
coming from the window payne
freaks of the house
that someone else lives in
nothing else remains

ooooohhh. It's sunset:45
ooooohhh, it's time to bring you home
aaaaahhh, if only he had known
aaaaahhh, it wouldn't end this way
now fly away
it's sunset:45


Written By: Brett Inman

talkin to me softly
voices in my head
i try to get them out
but they won't let me sleep

standing in the doorway
looking down on me
the man that was a boy
but neither one could speak

don't you say a word
don't you talk to me
this whole thing is going nowhere

the tide has pulled me under
i try to hold my breath
i can't see the moon
oh god i'm scared to death

they can't hear what i'm sayin'
i think i'm in too deep
i try to make them stop
but they won't wanna leave

i try
but still i can't get out
i never will be freed
this whole thing is going nowhere
the crashing of the waves
as they come down on me
please can you help me to
find another way
find another wave
please won't you tell me there's
just another wave

come feel it now
the emptiness inside of me
an overflow of nothing falling to the floor
i can't get out
i can't find my way out of here
never to return from where i am

silently i whisper
deep within the dark
crying out your name within my soul
trying to seek the refuge
to shade me from it all
hearing only silence in your call


Resurrection (2006)

Set List

Underneath the Moon
Dream Surfing