"face-frying set from Icelandic rockers Sign, a band that are surely on the fast track to headlining this and much bigger venues. Sign offers a firestorm of guitar work, ozone-scaping vocals and just enough of the familiar to stay on repeat play on your memory for days"... Kerrang! 27th Sept. 06


Sign play rock – direct, unpretentious rock songs, under laid with driving and emotive riffs and the distinctive powerful voice of Zolberg. The band line up is completed by Eagle (drums), A.D. (guitar) and Heimir (bass). The bands sound hinges round the charismatic 20 year old Zolberg’s vocals and stunning guitar playing, a hugely talented musician & songwriter, Zolberg released his first solo record in Iceland aged just 11…

Sign have built up a loyal following in Iceland with debut album"Vindar og Breytingar" (Winds and Changes) – released in 2001 when Zolberg was only 14 - and 2002’s follow up "Fyrir Ofan Himininn" (Above the Sky). The band then made the decision to record in English resulting in the album “Thank God For Silence” released in May 2006 which won them a huge amount of critical praise and supports with Alice Cooper, Evergray and The Answer, Wednesday 13,The Wildhearts and Skid Row. As the album was released on their own small Icelandic independent label the profile of names they attracted via word of mouth is hugely impressive. The album featured input from producer Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure) and guitarist Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, Ian Hunter).

Sign have recently done Skid Row “Youth Gone Wild” cover for a Kerrang! compilation. The song “Dancing In” is an Iceland Airwaves iTunes compilation is a tastemaker from their new album “The Hope”, released in Iceland. SIGN are then heading to UK to support City Sleeps on there tour and releasing “The Hope” in May in UK.


LP - The Hope - 2008
Single - So Pretty - 2007
LP - Thank God for Silence - 2005
LP - Above the Sky - 2002
LP - Winds & changes - 2001