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AUGUSTA, GA - "If a person was to say Signal 18 is what frat music is supposed to sound like, it wouldn’t really be an insult. Hailing from the Augusta, Ga., area, Signal 18 epitomizes the rock ‘n’ roll drinking atmosphere of the South: raw, stripped down and most importantly, fun.

With lyrics similar to some of the snotty pop-punk groups of the past like the Nobodys or the Queers, but with a more straight forward rock sound, Signal 18 blast through ten fast tracks on "That’s What She Said." From the title to the cover of the album, the whole attitude of the CD is sort of a “what you overhear in the bar” kind of feel.

Still, the band is comprised of accomplished musicians. They knock the listener over the head with classic heavy metal and guitar rock inspired tunes, complete with wailing guitar solos as can be heard on songs like “You’re On My Mind.” Other tracks like “Another Day” might be the love child of the Misfits and Metallica. The solo on “Fatty McFatty” is straight up old school.

Signal 18 are the drinking man’s band, just a can of simple blue collar goodness. No frills, no pompous image; this rocking four-piece, originally formed in 2007 and taking no prisoners ever since, bring rock ‘n’ roll back to the basics most fans grew up on."

- By Dino Lull of the Metro Spirit


"Augusta act Signal 18 should be right up my alley. This is an unapologetic rock band that specializes in simple, straight-forward music served in short bursts. The music is built on the Motorhead/Ramones model. Perfect.
There's something on the band's new release, That's What She Said , that doesn't work for me, though. Part of it stems from the mixed signals the band puts out.
I can't decide whether Signal 18 considers itself a punk act or a bar band with arena rock influences. I hear a little of both, sometimes at the same time.
If queried, the members will probably answer "straight-ahead rock." I hear that a lot, but what they want people to believe and what an audience hears might be different.
There's a density to the Signal 18 sound I also found off-putting. Each track is loaded with instruments playing all the time. The songs have no space to breathe. It feels like getting punched in the mouth by a pop song.
Still, there is stuff to recommend. This seems like a band that survives and thrives on its live show (which I haven't caught yet) but finds it difficult to translate the energy of live performance onto a recording.
The Ramones had the same problem. The songs here are simple but show some strength, an understanding that great rock isn't always about technique.
It's an emotional outpouring.
There's an honesty that illustrates that idea beautifully. Capturing that can be tricky, and this time out the genie stayed in the bottle." - by Steven Uhles, Augusta Chronicle

"Signal 18- "That's What She Said"

The combination of rock & roll mixed with alcohol is nothing new. Since the early days of rock beer and liquor have not only been regular instigators for many of music’s creative minds, but the topic of many a rockin’ tune as well. “Have a Drink on Me” once screamed AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, offering drink to anyone within earshot.

If Augusta band SIGNAL 18 must have been within listening range ‘cuz they’ll take a drink any way ya wanna pour it.

With a waitress toting a tray of frothy spirits on the cover (look to the left unless you’re too drunk to do so) of their CD That’s What She Said it is easy to assume that this Augusta hard rock quartet might enjoy a drink or ten. Well you would be assuming correctly. From opening track “Down in Mexico” (featuring the line”Stopped at a Bar down in Monterrey”), bassist/vocalist Terrell, (apparently the last names were left off the CD and MySpace to protect the innocent and intoxicated) drummer Casey, rhythm guitarist Jacob, and lead guitarist Kevin tear through ten tracks of just straightforward punk laced bar room rock and roll. Nothing fancy, not even anything groundbreaking. Just good energetic high voltage rock presented the way it used to be presented back in the old days-full of guitars and raw, loose, nasty, and of course, meant for anything from getting drunk to driving fast to throwing down at your favorite lokal watering hole.

Now before anyone jumps on me thinking I’m proclaiming SIGNAL 18 the new saviors of rock & roll…well I’m not and to be honest, something tells me that this foursome wouldn’t exactly want to be put in that position anyway. Just listening to tracks like ”You’re ON My Mind” and ”Label Me Crazy” one gets the sense that these guys are just happy beind loud, getting drunk, and having fun. Who needs the pressure of saving rock anyway? That job can be left to a case of PBR, these guys are busy pushing heartbreak into a glass so they can move on to the next beverage.

Before you merely brush these songs aside as just drinking songs let me make one thing clear. You will find multiple subjects within the music of SIGNAL 18. They’re just all set to a great happy hour rock soundtrack if you know what I mean.

But seriously. Listen for yourself. These guys have tracks from the CD on their MySpace page. Mind you, if you go looking for overindulgent music for the mind you’ll surely be disappointed.

If you’re looking for some rock? Then smack the crap outta that link with your mouse NOW!

Grab a drink first.
- Stoney of Lokal Loudness Radio


We have released our album "That's What She Said" and have been mentioned on the local rock station, 95 Rock in Augusta, GA, several times. We also have had our song "Down in Mexico" played on Greenville, SC's New Rock 93.3 Upstate Unsigned radio show.



We are a band out of Augusta, Ga. We have been playing together, with the current line up, since May of 2008. We have played shows in Columbia, Charleston, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Savannah, and Myrtle Beach.
Our influences are all over the place. Kevin's influences are Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, and Destroyer 666, Casey's are Blink 182, Tool, and Pink Floyd, Terrell's are Sublime, old 311, and old Green Day, Jake's are Alice in Chains, Pantera, and Queensryche. Maybe that's why our music sounds a little different than other bands, because our influences are all over the place.
We have been told our music "sounds like getting punched in the face by a pop song" or we sound like Motorhead guitar riffs with The Ramones and Fugazi influences. Our sound is different than most of the bands that are in the circuit at this time. We have a high energy show with wailing guitar solos and drums that just don't quit.