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Chase the Ghost - 2013
1. The Fantastic Hours
2. Collide Us
3. Corners
4. Bauhaus Balconies
5. Van Gogh Sky
6. The Pacific Northeast
7. Imaginary Friend #2
8. Imaginary Friend #7
9. Chase The Ghost

Signal Hill/All India Radio split 7" vinyl record - 2011
1. Van Gogh Sky - Signal Hill
2. Rippled - All India Radio

California Is Too Long 7" vinyl record - 2010
1. California Is Too Long (alternate)
2. Down To Bed

Distance EP - 2010
1. Freelance Forest
2. Paper Airplanes
3. Wintersea
4. Spirited from the City
5. California is too Long (Alternate)

More After We're Gone - 2009
1. The Dead Vineyard
2. Intelligentsiya
3. Luna Park
4. Men Before Them
5. Floruit
6. Stunning Clarity
7. Men Before Us
8. Eternal Return
9. Llangollen
10. Afternoon Lull
11. A Secret Society
12. Our Sisters

Self Titled EP - Feb 2007
1. Standby, Sir
2. Los Federales
3. Celadon
4. A Series Of Trills
5. This New Years Absence
6. California is Too Long

Demo - Feb 2006
1. The Bangladeshian Hessian
2. Taki and Tim
3. Danny Bullets
4. Lettuce is Legit

Stream of Consciousness, single - Our History is Our Future compilation - August 2006
Family Business, single - Indie Translations of the College Dropout compilation - August 2006



Signal Hill emerged in the fall of 2004 from the cluster of noise and competitiveness so famously known as the music scene of Los Angeles’s urban sprawl. Tim Cooper (drums) and Dave Masters (guitar), having known each other only in passing in Phoenix, met with Rishi Arora (guitar) and Brian Vasallo (bass). Immediately, camaraderie and bonds were formed through shared experiences and appreciation for musical influences such as indie rock, instrumental/post-rock, electronic music, jazz and more.

The band performed in earnest at local house parties and small clubs with touring groups. Shortly after the release of a limited-run demo and following a small west coast tour with friends and Strangers Die Everyday, the band realized the potential behind their music. The trajectory of the band’s popularity resulted in the first five-song SELF-TITLED EP release, successfully spreading the group’s name nationally.

Almost immediately, the group followed up with the well-received full-length, MORE AFTER WE’RE GONE. The album’s 12 tracks reached a growing fan base, and garnered licensed-use through a number of mediums that include movie trailers, novel previews and non-profit films. After sharing the stage in the US with bands such as Caspian, Beware of Safety, This Will Destroy You, Balmorhea, and many others, the band decided to head over to Australia to play with new friends All India Radio and SleepMakesWaves. The name Signal Hill along with the acclaimed full-length had gained international notice.

However with years of momentum, the reality of life set in with the group. Rishi was accepted at the University in Edinburgh in Scotland, and Dave began incubating his move to Brooklyn, New York with his wife. This only opened a new chapter for this group of friends that refused to let the distance between them dwarf their creative potential. The group soon managed to share creative ideas and muster a limited print EP, rightfully titled DISTANCE.

After years, Signal Hill had managed to hold on to its core of players, as it has always been motivated behind the concept of four best friends sonically connected to play what is in their hearts and minds. After a number of short tours, many shows and an anthology of releases that include a number of limited 7-inches, Signal Hill now establishes itself as a bi-coastal band calling both Los Angeles and New York City home.

The distance between these four individuals has not interfered with their ability to play shows or, most importantly, write music. The recent completion of their new and second full-length album, CHASE THE GHOST is a reflection of the time each band member has experienced prior to and during the formation of Signal Hill, through friendships, old and new relationships and family. Nine dynamically unique tracks transition into each other like a well-formed storyboard that tells a tale as different to each listener as it is to each band member.