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Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Mix Rescue: Signe Jakobsen"

Once again, Mix Rescue finds that the arrangement and harmonic structure of the song makes it difficult to mix. But we get by... with a little help from our on-line friends!
This month’s Mix Rescuee: singer-songwriter Signe Jakobsen, former lead singer of the Canadian band Minerva.

Regular readers of this column will know that I’m not afraid to wrestle with arrangement and production issues if I think I might enhance the presentation of a Mix Rescuee’s track in that way. For this month’s project, however, the production aspect of the task took centre stage, as I helped SOS reader Signe Jakobsen to develop her song ‘What Have You Done To Me’ from a home-brew demo right through to the final full-band mixdown, via three separate live overdubbing sessions. Because this proceeded in a way that I think is quite representative of a lot of self-funded productions these days, I’m therefore going to focus on how we dealt with the numerous practicalities involved to achieve a result that everyone was happy with.

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"Scotland: Haggis, Bagpipes and Musical Adventures."

Does leaving home make you more creative? While some of you may have been inspired by our last blog about Ryan Nolan‘s adventure off the beaten path, those of you who had any reservations may be convinced that leaving home is exactly what you need to do after reading the following guest blog by Signe (rhymes with Xena), the singer behind our recently Featured Video.

Signe has experienced a level of success that many would envy. Previously signed to a label with the band Minervah, her songs have achieved national TV and commercial radio airplay. She’s also performed hundreds of shows, including the CMT stage at the Calgary Stampede. After embracing a year of unemployment while abroad, Signe recently released her newest song, “What Have You Done To Me?” and video . The song has already been featured in Sound on Sound Magazine. While we’re certain Signe was already creative before leaving Canada, it becomes apparent in her blog that going abroad forced her to be both courageous and resourceful, attributes we could all benefit from having.

In Signe’s Words…

I initially left Canada in 2008 to teach in Denmark. Somewhere between hacking my way through science classes with my inferior Danish speaking skills and holing myself up in my rented townhouse with Protools, I ran into a yummy Swedish guy. Mutually thirsty for adventure, we eloped in 2009 and ran off to Edinburgh, Scotland, where my new hubby had landed a job. This is the story of what has happened since in the land of kilts, haggis and other inspirations.

Our first months were spent in a dingy apartment in Edinburgh’s New Town. Every day, I would look out the window to see tourists –“the suitcase people”— wearily bouncing their belongings along our cobbled street. While my husband was at work, I took nonchalant walks past the famous Scott monument and the Prince’s Street Gardens; I’m certain that I’ve appeared (clad in track pants), in the background of countless photos taken by visitors to this gorgeous, gothic city. The bagpipe music blasting from tourist shops lost its novelty quite quickly, and being jobless, I came to feel isolated, despite being surrounded by people.

It turned out that we lived right across the street from a music studio. I could see the sound engineer at work on the board while an artist sang behind him. I wanted so much to reach out, to introduce myself… but I couldn’t muster the courage in this new place.

After two months, we moved to a little house in Edinburgh’s seaside community of Portobello. We’re still mesmerised by our 2km sandy beach where stuff’s always happening: organized busking, sailing, festivals and concerts. This friendly community is full of artists, musicians and the kind of down-to-earth people I love to mingle with. It’s great. But early on, it felt inaccessible.

I faced huge frustration with not being able to get a teaching job – or any job for that matter. But I seized my year of unemployment as an opportunity to further develop my music. I produced many songs, but struggled with getting the mix right. I took private lessons in mix engineering, and after wrestling with the compression knob and watching my instructor’s eyes roll for the twentieth time, I decided it wasn’t wise to do this by myself. I needed outside help so I could stay focused on writing and arranging.

At that point I contacted Mike Senior, a mix engineer I idolise because of the Mix Rescues he’s done for Sound On Sound magazine. Expecting no reply, I emailed him to ask if I could employ him to mix some songs. He did reply, and he was so receptive to my music. I was so happy when he offered to mix my song free of charge for SOS’s Mix Rescue. This moment set my Scottish music adventure in motion.

With new confidence, I decided to get live instruments put on my track, so I put up an ad and found great session players to work with. A friend pointed me in the direction of Heartbeat Studios – the place where owner Dave Valentine and Ed Logan first recorded Susan Boyle. This studio, situated on sheep-dotted rolling farmland south of Edinburgh, is now my second home. It’s a supportive, inspirational place. During one of my sessions, I even ran into Grammy award winning songwriter Bob Heatlie there. That was cool.

Knowing I was getting Mike Senior’s mix of “What Have You Done To Me” featured in SOS, I put up an ad seeking videographers interested in making a video for my song. Again, I expected no replies. But I sure got them. The one that stood out was Naomi McDonald. We met in New Town over coffee and chocolate and we realized quickly that we’ve got a lot in common when it comes to being obsessed with our respective art. She was abuzz with ideas, and I gave her free reign. I had no idea what to expect, and only saw glimpses of the storyboard a couple of months ago. Imagine how delighted I was when I saw the final product! We’re now throwing around ideas about staging a unique video release event in the fall.

I’ve gone from feeling isolated to embraced in Edinburgh, Scotland. I think no matter where we are in the world, our vulnerability follows us when it comes to our music. If you can just find one friendly face – or receive one positive email for that matter – it gives us all the courage we need to not only pursue our dreams… but to put up ads and send those emails to which we expect no reply. - Songwriters Association of Canada

"Signe Jakobsen - Signe EP"

Signe Jakobsen
Signe EP
No catalogue number

BluesBunny likes the whole singer songwriter thing. Keeps things simple. With this five track EP, Canadian based singer Signe (fortunately I am typing this rather than to pronounce her name) adds a nice, polished, radio friendly take to the proceedings.

Clearly Signe is a very capable songwriter. The opening track "Fire" sounds like it should have been recorded by someone like Pat Benatar way back in the eighties - solid FM radio fodder. "Your Way" was the standout track with a very hummable chorus that sticks in your mind for days. No problems with her vocal abilities either as the ballad "Last Standing" demonstrates.

Overall, a good, if rather polite, debut and BluesBunny looks forward to hearing more from her in the near future. -

"Signe Se-na"

Montreal based singer/songerwriter Signe (pronounced see-na) has recorded and released an oustanding 5-song sampler for her forthcoming full length album titled Beside Myself.
Signe has been on the Canadian music scene for a few years which included fronting the band Minervah out of Calgary, Alberta back in 2001. Time well spent in and out of the studio including a brief hiatus from showbusiness has allowed this extraordinary performer to reinvent herself and capitalize on her natural talent for this solo recording.

Se-na was recorded in Montreal at Amesia Studios with producer Arijit "Jit" Bhattacharya during the month of June in 2006. Her pop/rock sound influenced by established artists such as Dido, Jewel and Chantal Kreviazuk hits all the right chords with this music fan as she delivers good material with impressive vocal range. You can almost feel the passion she pours into this EP.

All original songs "Fire", "Never Far", "Your Way", "Last Standing" and "Wide Awake" are the track listing on Se-na. Signe sings, plays acoustic guitar and piano backed by Jit on drums, bass, guitars and other instruments heard on this EP.

The lead-off single "Fire" is an intimate journey piloted by Signe's sensual style. The story of love and perhaps heartache unfolds into a passionate performance with an infectious beat and a no non-sense chrous:

...My souls on fire
And I dont know what to do
All this passion burning
Burning for you...

"Wide Awake" is a brilliant song, slighty darker than her other selections, hauntingly familiar yet refreshingly original. Signe's signature one-two punch of holding your attention is powerful as being stimulated by black & white photography.

It's very sexy music.

Technically, the overall production value of Se-na is top-notch as I enjoyed the extensive mixing and perfect recording levels. A lot of thought and energy went into this EP so I can't wait to hear the full length cd Beside Myself which has a scheduled street date of Winter 2007.

Highly recommended.
- Chris White, Publisher -


SINGLES: SIGNE: "What Have You Done To Me?" (2011) "You Spin Me Round - Cover" (2011) .

EP: SIGNE: Se-na (2006 AMCDS). Single "Fire" received internet radio airplay; single "Last Standing" featured at Global Television's Women of Vision Awards.

CD: MINERVAH "Everybody's Naked" (2001 TGO Records/SPG Universal Music Canada) Singles "Everybody's Naked", "Insatiable" received a great deal of airplay on Canadian FM radio and television.



* SIGNE's single "What Have You Done To Me?" has received loads of airplay on Canadian FM radio stations in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

* Check out SIGNE's gorgeous video for "What Have You Done To Me?" by Australian videographer Naomi McDonald here.

* Known for her unique and soulful voice, SIGNE possesses a vocal versatility that has earned her comparisons to Tori Amos, Jewel, Sarah Maclaclan, Natalie Merchant and Amy Winehouse.

* Finalizing in five high profile Canadian and U.S. song-writing contests got her signed to Montreal based TGO Records as lead singer/writer of duo Minervah. The duo enjoyed airplay on national TV and commercial radio, and was backed with distribution by SPG/Universal Music Canada.

* SIGNE has performed as lead singer for Minervah on the Canadian televised special Project Discovery, at the Calgary Stampede’s CMT stage, at the Alberta Recording Industry Awards and as a solo artist at the famous Cavern in Liverpool, UK.

Much like her name, singer/song-writer SIGNE’s voice is original and unexpected. Music critic Mike Bell described SIGNE's vocal as "buoyantly beautiful", and A&R from BMG wrote that they were "taken aback” by her vocal delivery. During live performances she draws audiences in with her raw talent and surprising vocal power and soul. But SIGNE is more than a voice; she delivers as a song-writer too.

SIGNE writes songs in a variety of genres, but she feels most at home writing catchy pop/rock songs loaded with instantly hummable melodies and thoughtful lyrics. “Sell My Soul", one of the first songs SIGNE wrote, grabbed media and label attention for her duo Minervah as it finalized in five high profile song-writing contests and received airplay on CJAY 92 FM in Calgary, Canada.

SIGNE was soon signed to TGO Records as part of Minervah, who went on to release album “Everybody’s Naked” in 2001. Minervah enjoyed national distribution through SPG/Universal Music Canada, and their first single was included on an official Universal Music compilation CD with the likes of Eminem, Dido and Sting. Several of Minervah’s singles were soon picked up, and one song “Insatiable” – penned by SIGNE – earned the duo royalties on commercial radio play for the six years that followed.

Parting with MINERVAH and TGO Records in 2005, SIGNE started a new project with Montreal producer Jit Bhattacharya. She released her debut solo EP Se-na in 2006 and, in addition to receiving some great reviews, several singles from the album went on to receive airplay on radio stations in Montreal, Canada and New York City. In March 2011, one song from the EP, “The Last Standing” was a featured song at Global TV’s Women of Vision Awards in Calgary, Canada.

SIGNE's single "What Have You Done To Me?” was featured in Sound On Sound magazine's Mix Rescue, July 2011. Mike Senior, of Cambridge Music Technology, brilliantly mixed and provided additional production for the song. A strikingly beautiful video has been released with the single, produced by Naomi McDonald. The video has been warmly received in Canada, being featured on the Songwriters Association of Canada website, and the single was picked up for medium rotation on several commercial Canadian FM radio stations.

SIGNE's haunting cover of Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round” has been well received on YouTube The song was cleverly co-produced by David Valentine and Ed Logan of Heartbeat Studios in Edinburgh.

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