Signe Tollefsen

Signe Tollefsen


Folk Noir.


She is better seen in the evening than in the daytime. Signe Tollefsen is young and has a big voice. Along with the voice she drags with her a banjo, mandolin and a viola, plays several guitars and sings to match each and every one of her instruments.
Her songs are dark laments on our lives and her music has been described as Folk Noir.

The English Moriarty’s tells us that “The startling range and power behind this
singer/songwriter really does grab you by the ears and not let you leave.”

Since she came here from England in 2004 she has been playing for a dedicated Dutch audience. She has been studying music at the Amsterdam Conservatory, recording in Los Angeles and will be finishing her album in the Netherlands.

Signe Tollefsen loves living in Amsterdam.


Where you been

Written By: Signe Tollefsen

where you been

i can only guess
the mess we’re in
you’re gonna get us out
without your bottles of gin
don’t know where to begin
who you tryin’ to impress
where you been
where you been

i won’t get on my knees
please don’t make me go
take your guns to town
crown someone else’s ho
i ain’t here for you show
i’m here for what no one sees
like where you been
where you been

got whiskey on my hands
and blood in my eyes

now you’re knocking on my door
your suitcase on the street
guitar in your hand
grand glory at your feet
big people to meet
so what you come here for
and where you been
where you been

the words that you’ve been lying
denying your duty
the kids don’t know your name
blame that on your roots, see
i am left with my beauty
and i am dying, baby, dying
where you been
where you been

You, me & the Brewers

Written By: Signe Tollefsen

you, me and the brewers

i’m naked here, for all the brewers to see
i’m dancing on your love at 3 a.m.
the tourists get more than they bargained for;
they’ve seen every shadow on your wall

it’s said we are how true love sounds
and i know you love me, so are you afraid to say?
i know you love me, so are you afraid to say?

you’re a crossword puzzle in hard times
and i’ve hidden my words in a jar in your front yard
but i know you’ll let me in either way
though i tend to turn up smokeless at your door

come, let’s show them how true love sounds
‘cause i know you love me, though you’re afraid to say
i know you love me, though you’re afraid to say

i’ve been playing your baby 24
she seems to like the way i touch her body

i didn't cry, oh bitter half;
you brought me her, i knew you'd take her

and now i’m naked here for you to see
you won’t say it, but neither have i

My old man

Written By: Signe Tollefsen

my old man

my old man speaks eloquently
there’s a prudence in which he uses his words
and the words to his songs
are like none i ever heard

my old man breathes amsterdam
he ashes his smoke on his clothes
these are the sort of things
i love about the man i chose

my old man keeps me awake at night
sometimes i will watch him sleep
and i’ll think “here lies a man
that i want to keep”

i've not been able to keep them for long
there was heartache to some degree
‘cause i am the same arsehole as those
who did it to me

my old man paints all day
he thinks it leaves me cold
i don’t understand them
but i love watching his paintings unfold

my old man cries different tears from mine
his wounds are old and deep
and as he lies awake at night
i want to hold him and sing him to sleep

we will make each bridge our own
but there'll still be more streets in between
'cause my old man he's walked the miles
while i am still somewhat green
well i have had to start over and over again
for the things that i've seen

my old man wakes up a different one
the mornings he can’t share
i have breakfast alone
i have dinner alone
i go to the park alone
these are all things a woman should not be doing alone

but at night he holds me like amsterdam
his love for me is in his hands
the bridges alight and the water groans
'cause this he's hired a band
then he kisses away all the things that i don't understand

why my old man loves me i don’t understand
but i’m wiser than to try
and as i’m learning how to love someone
i’m learning how to sometimes not ask why


Album to be released later this year.
"Forty nine" by Mathilde Santing (2008), with Sweet Tears written by Signe Tollefsen, performed by Mathilde Santing.

Set List

30 minutes:

You, me & the Brewers
Californians are made of sugar
My old man
Happy camper
Down by the water (cover PJ Harvey)

45 mins:
setlist above plus:

Where you been
Make me a (wo)man
History class

setlists above plus:

It smells of you
Up to no good
Sweet tears