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1. Give Me Love
2. In to You
3. Give Me Love Remix
4. Naim's Love Extension
5. Give Me Love Instrumental
6. Give Me Love Acappella

Signified Sound System-Live @ SOB's NY
1. Signified 1-2
2. Give Me Love
3. Higher
4. In To You



Molded as a super-group of sorts, Signified Sound System is comprised of eight core members who have individually left their imprint in the sands of music. Lifetime friends all native to Chicago, Signified Sound System has carved out a sound of unique familiarity, fusing together their individual experiences and influences to birth an organic movement with such range, critics may find it difficult to categorize. Signified Sound System, also dubbed Triple S, creates grooves that travel as deep and long as the Mississippi, reaching the boundaries of intergalactic funk only to land directly in the swing of the cold blue wave of Lake Michigan. This Jazzy, Soulful, Hip-Hopped, Disco Rhythm and Blues reminds one that a mirrored ball, dreadlocks, a high hat and a cry towards the heavens call all exist within the same room, each moving to the same beat created by a group that signifies the presence of something worth listening to-good music.

An organized placement of necessary components is the best description of the groups design. Writers, performers, vocalists, producers, engineers, artists, designers, marketers, and deal makers is the essence of the groups functionality, with each member, at times, serving two masters. Under the newly formed boutique label Mood Music, the Signified Sound System intends to keep product output at a level comparable to major industry players by first launching a group project that will fuel the engine of each members solo effort.

Tshurhad Chivas (SHA-rod SHIV-iss) and Legacy are the group’s husband and wife writing tandem, breathing life into the music. Tshurhad and Legacy are the vocalists, developing and performing melodies and prose that move and inspire. Legacy, a talented canvas artists and graphic illustrator, responsible for the groups design elements, incorporates her artistic sensibility into Triple S’ promotional materials and layout for cover art. Tshurhad, releasing two albums prior to the Signified Sound Systems upcoming release, stands as the point man for the group, networking through his contacts as concert and nightclub promoter. Tshurhad also handles the marketing and executive production for Mood Music.

Naim (na-EEM) and Enzyme are the groups producers, building beats that bless a Bose speaker set in a manner consistent with music legends of the past. Inspired by the actions of his father, an active Jazz musician, Naim doubles as producer and during live performances as the man behind the wheels of steel, creating with turntables what many musicians wish they could create with their instruments. Enzyme, a Jazz connoisseur to say the least, acts as performer and vocalist atop his own creations with a voice as mellow as the tunes he composes.

Russoul (Russ-SOUL) and Kevin are the natural musicians of the group, bearing the organic juice that powers the Signified Sound System. Russoul, who in 1997 landed a deal with Sony, lends his gospel souled voice to the recordings and performances, while at the same time, running his fingers across the 88 keys of ivory. Kevin, guitarist and producer of the groups disco driven funk tracks, doubles as liaison to the musicians, keeping every drum and key on cue and in tune.

K Scott, sound engineer and producer, brings his expertise in sound quality and experience with working with artists such as Kanye West, Notorious BIG, Shante Savage, Malik Usef, and a host of others. With a keen ear and a skilled hand on the board, K Scott ensures that the “system” has a sound of perfect music harmony.

Keisha Kidan poses as the group’s representative, contracting and booking Triple S across the country. No performance or appearance takes place without the wit and savvy of “the deal makers hand” touching the table to say the deal is done.

As a collective, the Signified stride struts at the pace of experienced craftsmanship, each member hammering the iron until the tools of their trade has been perfectly constructed. As Tshurhad puts it, “The system is in place and is working at optimal efficiency. The product Signified Sound System is producing is unparalleled. As with any system, any alteration to the mechanics of the structure will yield one of two results-improvement or failure. We work very carefully as to not disrupt the system. When we need to make improvements to the system, we will analyze and assess, paying close attention to the dials, leaving no room for collapse.”