A very unpretentious grunge/rock band from Finland. We love our music and we spend time to make it sound good and real. No Hair spray, no fancy clothes, no posing... Just honest rock music!!!


The history of the band starts at the spring of 2011. Toni and Hannu got together at Toni’s livingroom and wrote the first songs. They both had history with different groups, Toni also made his own guitars and amps and Hannu had recorded some own music a while back. Now they really wanted to try do something in the music business. Writing music came natural to both of them and when putting their ideas together made something that sounded really good.

Antti was travelling at that time and received a question that would he like to join the group. Hannu and Antti had been studying sports at the same school and also been playing a little bit together before the trip at 2010. The answer was immediate yes but it would take few months until he would be back in Finland. It was ok and the guys continued to write songs.

At the summer of 2011 when the three guys joined together they had about 8 to 10 songs witch they started to practise and record with a basic laptop. The place was still Toni’s livingroom. The next step would naturally be that they would need a drummer. But before they could play with drums they would have to have a place for it. Toni’s livingroom would not be right place for it, so a search for a practise room begun. Couple of months went by and nothing came up . Toni already started to lose hope. But after a long search there came one opportunity. A place nereby was available. Antti and Toni went to see it and it was small. About 3,0m x 3,5m big room would just maybe be big enough for the drums and equipment. Still they decided to take it. The place immediately got the name Murju (The Dump). Till today, it is a dear and loved practise place.

One step down and many to go. At the fall of 2012 Toni posted an ad on the internet and couple of answers came right away. There was couple of skillful drummers but none of them caught the eye and ear like Ricardo. Mysteryman from Brazil had long history in music and the different vibe and beats was something that the rest of the guys wanted to ad to the group. Ricardo was welcome right away. The language was of course something that would make practising a bit harder but they didn’t consider that a problem. It just makes things more interesting and ofcourse music is a global language.

Now everything was set. Almost. The band needed a name. It took about 2 months, tons of different names, couple of arguments, few (many) beers and they ended up in the name Signlane. The story behind it is kept within the band.

Now the next step was easy. They just had to decide the songs witch to practise and make a setlist. They wanted to have a first gig as a group as quick as possible. Toni tried to get his foot between the doors and contacted a lot of people during the winter. Antti and Hannu did one small acoustic gig together 14.1.2012. Toni’s hard work finally payed off and the first gig came 17.2.2012 at The Darkside Club in Helsinki. The gig sounded really loud (maybe too much if it’s possible) but it didn’t matter. They wanted more!

And more they got. On The Rock’s, BarLoose and BarBäkkäri in Helsinki also Henry’s Pub in Tampere were the first gigs after Darkside. The more they played, the better they were. Every gig was easyer than the other. They started to know how to play together in public. The set is getting stronger all the time.

12.-13.5.2012 was time for the first Studio recordings. Content Union Studios in Pitäjänmäki Helsinki was the place and the first two songs to record was Can’t Make A Sound and I Met God. It was not until they finished recordings that they realized that the songs they just recorded were the first two songs they had recorded with laptop in Toni’s livingroom. Even tough there were many songs made after that.

The future looks bright for Signlane. First demo songs are done and they will be playing as much gigs as they can. New material is coming all the time and the set is getting stronger and stronger. Everyone is at the same page where they want to be. All we can do now is to support the band and wait the next thing to come. Keep your ear on the ground because something is happening… And soon!!!


Met God

Written By: Signlane

Hold your breath
Say your prays
It´s almost over
There´s noone who cares

Walk on
Heal in the name of
Your father
You´re waking the dead
Are you inside my head?


I thought I met God
When I walked through this hell
But I was staring at myself
I though I found God
When I felt all alone
And saw noone was home
I thought I met God..God