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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

Sign of One is a distinctively charismatic band that offers up hard-core rock mixed with bitter-sweet lyrics and cleverly placed mellow dramatic flair. With a new album out, and commercial stardom within reach, I was glad to have accidentally come across this band while on tour.

I can tell you first hand the guys are all genuine in their approach with the fans while on tour, and the other bands. I met them outside one of my brother's shows in Las Vegas, and couldn't be more impressed by their down to earth attitudes, or their music that holds more substance and creativity than any of the bands I have interviewed for the magazine before.

The band has a sound, not like any current band on the pop or underground scene. With their newest CD, it is apparent the band was going for substance and creativity, not bubble gum appeal or fashioning for a trend factor. It is my belief in doing so, Sign of One has positioned themselves , all on true musicianship, to be the next hottest band to emerge with staying power. If they are coming to your town- go check them out. I promise you will not be disappointed.
Tanya Vece

- The Horse Chronicle Ezine

"Ambivalence Album Review"

It's great, they really did a good job of showing the different sides of Sign Of
I've owned their EP for a long time, and I am so happy to finally have a full length album. This CD is full of the different sides of this band and their wonderful creative energy. In short the album kicks major ass. -

"Radio review"

Passionate vocals, tight musicianship, thought provoking lyrics and just all around great tunes. These guys are well on their way.”

- Java Joel 94.7 HITS FM-Canada

"Sign of one Radio review"

“There must be something in the water in Montreal. I've been playing more and more bands from there. One of the bands that really stands out is Sign of One. Their melodic hard rock is equal to any of their peers. One listen to "Time On My Hands" will seal the deal to anyone's ears. Time? It's theirs. Now!" - K98 UPD FM – Phoenix, Arizona

"Sign of one T.V. Review"

“Sign of One, learn it, live it, carve it into your forehead, Sign of One’s sound is explosive and is coming at you like a huge wall of sound. Prepare yourselves for the invasion”
- Jimmy Roc Hollywood Music T.V.

"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

“The guys focus on the emotion more than brutality, and write words that are very somber and heart felt. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a group break through with a product of this caliber, and certain radio friendly feel that is undeniable.”
- Metal Qc

"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

“Jangles the nerves as it eases its way slowly into the matter of the brain stem¼ superb, hard core, generously raw, contemporary rock. Certainly Sign of One have all the attributes they need to not only survive but to thrive and grow.”
- Toxic Pete Mag.(UK)

"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

“ you hope for the next generation of rock.”
- Motel Bazooka Mag.

"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

“I would rather watch their set four times in a row than many line-ups that I have seen in the past.”
- LBC Radio Los Angeles

"Sign Of One (Group Review)"

“Sign of One are a modern day rock band without all the contrived bullshit that seems to go with that tag these days.”
- Planet Loud review



Feed us the room - 2005- 6 track "EP"
- single "Slip" has had worldwide radio airplay, and bosts a video that has been played on various T.V. shows and websites.



Emerging from the metropolitan
city of Montreal,
Canada, Sign of one’s
music is spawned from all
that is endeavored in 4
minds as one, all scenery
and thought create the
sign of one.

• Sign of One is •
Peter "Saps"Sapienza (Vocals)
Kevin Mieszczyk (Bass)
Peter “Taza” Tzaferis (Drums)
Vik Fakoury (Guitar)

atmosphere and sound to capture you and steal you away from your daily grind. The picturesque
progressions of the band, the highs and lows, bring you on an emotional roller coaster
ride bringing you from the highest highs to drop you to the lowest low. You will experience
the very dark areas of your mind, might feel a slight comatose but you‘ll live through their
vintage love for the music and their modernized futuristic vision of it makes the unique style
of Sign of One refreshingly addictive and mind numbing.

"...the power to unite is stronger than the power to divide..."
-last day
Sign Of One