Sign Of One

Sign Of One

BandMetalRock's rock metal that will unify the masses once and for all! We unleash high powered beats and mellow dramatic vocal flair that stimulate the senses, and never let go.


Emerging from the metropolitan
city of Montreal,
Canada, Sign of one’s
music is spawned from all
that is endeavored in 4
minds as one, all scenery
and thought create the
sign of one.

• Sign of One is •
Peter "Saps"Sapienza (Vocals)
Kevin Mieszczyk (Bass)
Peter “Taza” Tzaferis (Drums)
Vik Fakoury (Guitar)

atmosphere and sound to capture you and steal you away from your daily grind. The picturesque
progressions of the band, the highs and lows, bring you on an emotional roller coaster
ride bringing you from the highest highs to drop you to the lowest low. You will experience
the very dark areas of your mind, might feel a slight comatose but you‘ll live through their
vintage love for the music and their modernized futuristic vision of it makes the unique style
of Sign of One refreshingly addictive and mind numbing.

"...the power to unite is stronger than the power to divide..."
-last day
Sign Of One


A New Nightmare In A Different Guide

Written By: Sign Of One


This fire underground seems to be the best description of our times
Running wild through the fog, end up alone again, sedated and hated by
Your eloquent thoughts, realize your fate

When you get there you will hear the sounds that should not have surfaced
When you get there he will seal the lies that were full of purpose

This new nightmare is not done, it has just begun, go back to sleep for
Your outcome, pray it will soon be day, consume and obey the monster
It wants you to follow him down the rabbit hole

How does it feel when you feel the end, forward attack….


Written By: Sign Of One

Take one rest it on your tongue, take two more it will be done
It’s so confusing salvation now intruding

The drugs are stronger than the disease itself
The drugs are stronger than the cancer

Exhausted the morning has come eleven AM
I’ve entered the lions den, I starred it right in the eye
Why can’t I just die

The drugs are stronger than the disease it sells
The drugs are stronger than the cancer

They tried to test me, they tried to change me
They obviously don’t know me, they strive to be
My accomplice, wait for it, I feel it, I fear it, take me
To that place where everything seems real again

Ambivalence Scene 2

Written By: Sign Of One

Over the hill and faraway we’ll sink like dust in the sunshine’s rays
Remembering when we were pure now we’re all immune to the war
People dying, disappearing, children living without their fathers,
All this horror the world failed to show us today

How will we all survive the greatest mystery, how will we all survive
The disease is all around us, the machines have cornered us

Witness the kill, all hell in place, cleanse your mind his bloods on your
Observing the scene there is no cure, I’m starting to think, can’t take this
Mother screaming holding her baby, shattered innocence breathing so
careening down lower that its end

Let it go, how will we all survive repeating history…


Written By: Sign Of One


Can’t you see they’re watching you crave the next big thing...
Because we can all see ourselves in that situation
because they can, hell knows, see themselves in that complication
Its driven me before my climb I like the burn when the sun shines in
my eyes...

Can’t you see they’re watching you crave the next big thing...

In the wound I feel so good, in my mind to cut myself again

Its all been done, sacrifice your view for some recognition
its all been shunned, hell knows, we’ve all become disposable
these diamond days were done before my time and now I dream
in my cold chair with my lacerations...

This magic tolerance pill, open my eyes jump out of my skin feeding
delightful delusion once again, our fake happiness will become our truest sadness
vicious strain sanity was lacking, constant lap dance of chemicals scraping, its
been sweating exaggeration all morning, this reality is so boring, slowly poisoning my
energy to forget, my energy to forget will become my mechanical over ride to forgiveness
welcome the new world order...



Feed us the room - 2005- 6 track "EP"
- single "Slip" has had worldwide radio airplay, and bosts a video that has been played on various T.V. shows and websites.

Set List

We usually play between a half hour and a full hour, depending on show specifics. our set list for an hour set would consist of about 10 to 12 songs and few melodic interludes.