Sigourney Reverb

Sigourney Reverb

 Seattle, Washington, USA

"Sigourney Reverb is the best band I have ever heard in my life. And they are the most attractive, generous, and awesome people in this town." - Friedrich Neitzsche Beyond Good and Evil


In the summer of 2010, Eric Padget got a little restless with the lack of rock in his life. Sure, he was a fancy pants trumpet man playing all sorts of neato gigs and making people dance with Orkestar Zirkonium, but he hardly had the chance to make loud skronky guitar noises and yell nonsense.

Shawn Line was also feeling a lack of rock in his life. For years Shawn had seen success in his punk bands from California and Colorado. He hung around Eric, and they decided they needed to play some songs together.

Donny Craggs was a drumming superhero, who scrapped metal by day and played like a freight train by night. Shawn and Eric adopted him, but still, something was missing.

Lori Baron, a rock guitar instructor at Seattle’s School of Rock, was the missing piece of the puzzle. Luckily, Eric found her on a bus and invited her to play with the others one night. It was magical.

As soon as the band began playing gigs, people’s earholes and eyeballs were overcome with ravenous joy. Even more quickly than would have happened in their wildest dreams, Green Monkey Records took an interest in putting out a record. Green Monkey’s catalog included such influential Seattle bands as Green Pajamas, The Fastbacks, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, and The Queen Annes.

As you read this, the album is being mixed down and will be mastered and sent to press in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Sigourney Reverb is planning to boogie up and down the West Coast this August. The debut album will be released this summer, and the precise date is to be announced very shortly.


Sigourney Reverb - Sigourney Reverb (LP) Green Monkey Records Summer 2011

Set List

Fline Away
Cabin of Hour Dreams
Are We in This Together?
Student Loan Blues
Little Bird
Who's Your Muse?
Hell in a Hamburger
Turn Out the Lights
Everybody Wants to be Alone
Pretty Good Chance