Sig Paulson

Sig Paulson

 Salem, Oregon, USA

Original Free Range Americana music on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals.



The current story...

October of 2014 saw the release of Sig Paulson’s 4th CD “Scamper Juice”. This 6 song E.P. contains the essence of sig’s live performances. Recorded on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals “Scamper Juice” contains 3 originals and 3 cover tunes which are up tempo and filled with wit and humor. In May of 2014 Sig’s song “Rust And Roses” was selected for inclusion on KMUZ radio’s compilation CD “Local Roots”. On September 2009 Sig's third CD "Totem Pole" was released. In February 2009 Sig was a finalist in the Portland Songwriters Association "Best Performing Songwriter Competition". At the Gig Harbor Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, September 2006 Sig took second place with his song “If The Castle Burns”. That same month he was a finalist in the Portland Songwriters Association “Best Performing Songwriter 2006 Competition”. In July 2005, he completed his second solo album. Co-produced by Don “Fuzzy” Purcell, “Tangled In My Roots” featured some of the best musicians in the Pacific N.W. “Tangled In My Roots” has received international attention & sales. Sig was also a finalist in the Mary Hill Winery Songwriter’s Competition 2004. In the summer of 2003, he was headlining the Dasani acoustic stage at the Boise Riverfest in Boise Idaho. In 2002, Sig teamed with producer Julian Snow to release “Movies & Magazines”. Though produced & mixed with a more “edgy” sound there was no disguising its “Hippiebilly” roots & it set Sig firmly on the Americana path.

Songwriting Accolades and Licensing...

Independent television and film producer Pat Sevigny chose three of Sig’s songs to grace his movie “The Memorial Councelor” in which Sig also had a small role as a Russian Priest. Pat and Sig have also collaborated on three thirty minute television shows for Pat’s “Oregon Jam” series featuring Sig in the studio, in concert and participating in a “songwriter’s in the round” session. Tom May, host of WFMT’s “River City Folk” chose Sig as one of his featured performers in 2006 and at the end of the year honored Sig by including him in his “Best of River City Folk” program. Sig’s song “Everybody Wants To Drive My Car” was chosen through Sonicbids to be included on a “Skytrax” compilation CD to be distributed at airports nationwide. Ray Nelson Jr., president of “Flying Rhino”, a children’s educational corporation hired Sig three times to write material for their educational books and packages which were distributed nation wide. Sig was selected for an article in Performer Magazine; the nation's largest trade publication for musicians in June of 2007, “Karnal Film and T.V. Promotions” chose Sig’s song “Givin’ ‘Em Hell” to include in their distribution library.

A Tour Dogs Life In Music...

Born in San Jose California in 1952, Sig listened to the radio a lot in an old panel truck while his dad estimated floor-covering jobs or drank with the boys after work. He grew up on country music in the fifties & sixties listening to people like Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, & Hank Williams. The old time honky-tonk hillbilly rockers were imbedded in his memory, and along with the country-rockers of the early seventies like The Flying Burrito Brothers, John Prine and Jerry Jeff Walker are the inspiration and foundation of his writing today. He calls his music “Hippiebilly”, a form of original Americana. He picked up the guitar at age 10, started writing songs at 13, & taught himself to play harmonica. He joined a Jug Band in high school that played local Coffee Houses. In 1976, he moved to Wisconsin & started playing professionally. He joined the “Tingler Band” which traveled the mid-west playing country rock music. “We traveled eight states, lived the road life, and made a good living. I was really proud of that band.” However, like Wild Bill Hickok 100 years before, the band met its demise in Deadwood South Dakota, and Sig headed back to the West Coast. In 1980, Sig formed “Sig & the Sahibs”, an R&B band playing originals & soul and Motown hits. Later he would replace Canned Heat’s original lead guitarist Henry Vestine in “James T. & the Tough” out of Eugene. When James & Henry left to tour with Canned Heat Sig began performing solo regularly, incorporating more and more original material into his shows. Since then the focus has been on writing good songs in the style he loved to listen to back in that old panel truck. Please visit … To purchase CDs on line try


Fish In A Fryin' Pan

Written By: Sig Paulson

1. There was a fish, in a fryin’ pan
Said it’s hot in here, well I’ll be
To take my leave’s my one desire
He jumped and landed in the fire

2. I’ve been like him, a time or six
The apple of my eye, I longed to
Went out on a limb and I fell hard
But lucky me I landed in your

3. ‘Cause you picked me up, dusted
me clean
Saw my ugly side, and you didn’t
You smiled real plain, wiped
away my tear
With a love crystal true and clear

Bridge… You’re like the last puzzle piece I found down on the floor
With a picture of a key that opened your front door
Well I guess at first you didn’t know if you should open up to me
Gave me a peck on the cheek and you ran inside and said “We’ll see!”

4. But eventually, I guess I wore
you down
Now I’m your verb, honey you’re
my noun
No adjective can quite describe
The way your stars and mine

Bridge… You’re like the last puzzle piece I found down on the floor
With a picture of a key that opened your front door
Well I guess at first you didn’t know if you should let me in
But you finally did now you and me both wear this silly grin!

5. Now the fish is back, in the fryin’
Said it’s nice and warm, well I’ll
be damned!
To stay right here’s my one
‘Cause life was cold without your

Gone To Galveston

Written By: Sig Paulson

Gone To Galveston
Words and Music by Sig Paulson

I live for the hum of the wheel, sittin’ still there’s too much to feel
So don’t try to sell me that, man it’s no deal
I’m a whirlwind passin’ through life today,
There’s beauty ‘neath the stone I’ll chip away
Pushin’ to the edge and leadin’ my friends astray

I let myself fall backwards, four stories high,
I always knew that I was meant to fly
Down looks like up fallin’ through empty sky
A couch and a suitcase, Texas, Tennessee
No redemption just heroine and whiskey
Bright lights, women, dark halls and empty me

Chorus… It’s snowin’ in the pass, I’m runnin’ low on gas
Born the highway kind, it’s not travelin’ I mind
But I’m back where I begun, fightin’ this battle I’ve never won
So Mama when they ask you, where’s your son?
Tell ‘em that I’ve gone to Galveston

This angel with her wings trys to hold me up straight
And I’m a starlight drifter but it’s getting’ pretty late
And life’s hard and sweet like rock candy taste
Just a mockin’ bird that gets drunk and cries
I’ll lower myself right down in your eyes
And I’ll keep singin’ ‘cause it’s better than waitin’ around to die

Repeat chorus

Tell ‘em that I’ve gone to Galveston

Rust And Roses

Written By: Sig Paulson

Rust And Roses
Words and Music by Sig Paulson

They first took up at a high school dance
Tanner Rowe was nervous as a pup but he took his chance
While the band was playin’ Shake, Rattle and Roll
He kissed Lottie Taylor and she stole his heart and soul

Last night down at the Elbow Room,
Tanner was cryin’ and sayin’ last call comes way too soon
He lost Lottie, to cancer late last fall,
ever since then Tanner don’t wanna go home at all

And he said “Angels come down from the heavens
To live right here on earth”
Some love simple men like me
and give their children birth”
She could smile and hold my hand
My heart was like a child at play
Why would God give somethin’ like that
If he’s just gonna take it away?”

I said “Buddy, I got no answer today
I don’t think anyone can tell you the next card God might play
But neon burns out and every bar room closes
And Nature works hard on rust but it does the same to roses


Last night down at the Elbow Room,
Tanner Rowe was cryin’ and sayin’ last call comes way too soon
He lost Lottie, To cancer late last fall,
ever since then Tanner don’t wanna go home at all

Here I Come

Written By: Sig Paulson

Here I Come
Words And Music by Sig Paulson

I put cardboard in my boots and I walked all the way
To bring you these flowers and my take home pay
Knockin’ on your door babe I hope that you’ll answer
I’m a hard worker honey but an unlucky dancer

Well, here I come drivin’ ‘cross the wide mud flats
Wheels flingin’ mud on my brand new spats
Honkin’ the horn on my automobile
Come to say I love you babe, how do you feel?

Chorus… You’re my honey, you’re my girl
You can tell that I love you by the way my toes curl
You’re a cosmopolitan and I’m a beer and shot
I love you more than whiskey babe; you know that that’s a lot

The water started risin’ so I paddled my canoe
But there’s a hole in the bottom where the water’s leakin’ through
When someone said a boat ain’t a thing to rock
I pulled over and put the dang thing up on cinder blocks


So I hopped a freight from Ketchikan clear to Tijuana
Rode the rails all the way just to ask ya do ya wanna
Hook up with me honey on permanent basis
Just imagine the looks on your kin-folks faces

Here I come a flyin’ in my areo-plane
My mind’s a little cloudy, I got problems on my brain
I’m getting’ kinda nervous, never been this high before
Don’t forget the parachute if you’re kickin’ me out the door


If you come with me honey, I’ll show you a time
Do my best to see we’re never out of triple sec and lime
Cranberry, vodka and we’ll make ‘er top shelf
Tell the world that you love me don’t keep it to yourself



2014... "Scamper Juice"

2009... "Totempole"

2005... "Tangled In My Roots"

2002... "Movies and Magazines"

1995... "Greetings From Christmasville"

1994... "Thank My Lucky Stars" (Children's Music)

1985... I'm So Shy" by Sig and the Sahibs.


"Movies and Magazines","Tangled In My Roots", "Totem Pole" and "Scamper Juice" are available with listening samples at WWW.Sigpaulson.comand have received radio airply in Europe and The U.S.
Also.. for the movie trailer for the independent film "The Memorial Counselor" please check out


Set List

I play a combination of original songs off of my albums  "Movies and Magazines", "Tangled In My Roots" and "Totem Pole" as well as songs by other artists from the N.W. such as Dave Carter... "Grand Prairie Texas", Danny O'keefe... "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues", and Tim Hardin... "If I Were A Carpenter". I also do songs by various other Americana artists.

Here is an example...

      1. This Town... Original
      2. Parking Lot Ponies... Original
      3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile... Bob Dylan 
      4. Grand Prairie Texas... Dave Carter
      5. Fish In A Fryin'’ Pan... Original
      6. Hot Tamale... Original
      7. When That Evening Sun Goes Down ... Van Morrison
      8. Here I Come... Original
      9. I Discovered America... Grahm Parker
      10. Broken Pride... Original
      11. Return Of The Grievous Angel... Gram Parsons
      12. Second Hand Cares... Original