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romantic, relaxing, spirit healing piano music. influenced by chopin, bach and keith jarrett. I want to touch your soul, open your heart and let you flee from daily stress to enjoy and dream away.


you know the goose-pimples you get when you hear good music? when I first got them while I was playing piano I became a "piano-addict", which was over 20 years ago. As a composer I am glad that my music is heard all over the world. I want to reach, inspire, encourage and make as many people as possible feel good.
Together with the best laser artist in Austria/Europe who created a unique laserpiano ( for me that wonderfully combines colorful laser lights with music while playing live on piano we found a perfect way to make my music seeable and with this effect even more relaxing. Another unique project is the romantic, mystic and emotional multimedia show "Secrets of LIFE" which goes on tour 2007.

If you want to listen and buy my songs you will find my CDs at 55 companies on the internet: MusicMatch, Rhapsody, MusicNet, Apple iTunes, MP3tunes, MSN Music, Napster, YooPeDoo, iSound, and many more.



Written By: sigrid

I am playing instrumental there are no lyrics by now


Written By: sigrid weinzinger

no lyrics, instrumental


CD 1: "sigrids secrets"
CD 2: "piano relaxation"
single "one of these days" and
CD/DVD: "Secrets of LIFE" coming 2007

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Set List

the show "Secrets of LIFE" lasts about 1 hour with 15 of my compositions.