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"Completely transcendental: Siiri Sisask created unforgettable moments"

There are moments in which perfection seems tangible.
Perfection of experience. There were many of these moments on Sunday night in the Drteikoenigskirche: Siiri Sisask and jälg were performing in the concert series “Music between the worlds” and everything made sense. (…)
The voice of Siiri Sisask has hypnotic qualities to it. It is unbelievably present, sometimes in an insane depth, sometimes thrillingly high, always inescapable. Music that you can feel on your skin – this is the feeling of perfection. It is as close to bliss as it gets.

- Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

"Beyond all common styles"

Eventually there can be only desperate efforts to relate the passionate and completely coherent “jälg”-patchwork to already existent experiences of music listening. This combination of far apart thread ends and afield styles is new and unique. The band on stage is having at least as much fun as the audience. Like a ride with the rollercoaster where everybody is screaming out of joy after the third loop. Soon again, please! - Nürnberger Nachrichten

"From Estonian Folk into Jazz"

Open minded for new things – this is the way the had come. And because of their willingness to be engaged with it they were eventually completely enthusiastic and would not leave without an encore. (…)
Sometimes she established contact with the listeners with a captivating smile and sparkling eyes, but always only for a brief moment. After that she drifted away, wove herself into the philosophical, ballad-like songs with content like “On the burning wind,” “Amazing quiescence,” or “The Name of Death,”, and often showed a pained facial expression. A strange allure was projected from her unusual palette of voice colors.

- Mainpost

"Of burning love and deep disappointment"

Applause, applause, encore, more applause. (…)
It is not always easy to follow the high notes, often even the overtone singing. But Siiri Sisask is singing so clearly, so clean, full of emotion and inner solicitousness – she simply inspires.

- Wolfsburger Nachrichten


jälg (2002)
teine jälg (2006)



“It now appears that Siiri Sisask´s multifaceted résumé for the last decade and a half has been but a dress rehearsal for a return to her true musical home, a house shared by wonderful partners who have adopted her words and melodies as if they were their own. In his intricate arrangements, Kristjan Randalu captures the subtle shadings and emotional hinterlands of her lyric. At times, his layers of lyrical minimalism create a medium for her message; at other times they ramp up the emotional content. The songs themselves are more like poems than ballads. The dynamic range of the music is extraordinaly wide: quite nuanced passages are pitted against dramatic and surging figures as dictated by the structural development of the piece. Randalu´s piano playing, always unexpected and refreshing, and Netz´s et times dreamlike saxophone and clarinet sound provide the singular shading of the walls of this house, all framed by Miguel´s meditative, rock-steady bass and creatively stirred up by Janke´s percussion. The record is a surprisingly effective whole, the journey of a woman who has felt the sear of love and loss, and who after feelings of hopelessness and other tribulations has found an inner light, a connection to a wellspring of natural energy.”