The meaning and the soul of U2 and Keane within the cytoplasm of the Icelandic post-rock minimalism of Sigur Ros. By one person. Who is a Scottish junior doctor in psychiatry. This is crying in music form.


Silas is the incarnation of Ruairidh McKay, a Scottish junior doctor in psychiatry, who was born in Singapore to a Scottish father and an Indonesian Chinese mother. Ruairidh lived in Northern Sumatra until the age of 9, when he moved to Aberdeen, Scotland. On completion of high school, he obtained entry into medical school at the age of 17 along the Scottish east coast in Dundee. It was only after qualification as a doctor at the age of 22 that his musical career became more prominent, fronting the Dundee band Doubtful Sound for 2 years. He then obtained a psychiatric training post in Aberdeen and fronted the band Kordoba, penning and performing a myriad of songs in the Pixies-meets-Flaming Lips microgenre, and writing, casting, filming and editing a music video for one of them. The video and a clutch of the songs are available at

Silas is the name for his new beginning, his bare, solitary exposition; the stripping off of punkish pretence, the shattering of the indie sunglasses to reveal his minimalist sunken eyes and post-rock gormless blank stare. Silas is the man shaking off Brit indie arrogance and self-invention in search of the honest purity, the self-discovery of Sigur Ros, Keane and Mylo.


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Set List

7-8 song set lasting around 40-45 minutes in total