Simply put, they TWANG, ROCK, STRUM, GROOVE and JAM like no other. Some say their foot stompin' tunes are Alternative Country, some insist that the complex rhythms of SILAS are steeped in jazz-influenced rock,others call SILAS Americana roots rock.


SILAS' original music sprouted from a collective love of 20th century American music. The band's growing disdain for the current state of the union fed the down home passions of SILAS' uniquely American sound. The band achieves their rootsy sound by tending to the influences the members have soaked up over the years, inspired by music legends such as the Allman Brothers, JJ Cale, the Band and Elvis Costello as well as contemporary artists Ryan Adams, Son Volt and Wilco.

Hailing from the Willamette Valley of Oregon, SILAS was born in 2003. They have consistently developed and refined their original material in the Roots-Rock/Americana vein.
SILAS' inspired live performances have drawn favorable reviews from their fans', the "Silastines", who have applauded the "thoughtful songwriting" and "incredible musicianship" of the band members.



Written By: SILAS

Sold down the river
On a worn out raft
Workin' hard to stay afloat
And harder just to laugh
Up ahead in the distance
I'm beginning to see
A luxury oil tanker
Heading straight at me
Jumped in the river
And I tried to swim to shore
The tanker smashed my raft
The crew pulled me aboard

How much does it take
To be rich like you?
You can sleep with the devil
And own the pearly gates too
How much does it take
To be rich like you?
If you offered him all your
What would Jesus do?

There was a tired old man
Who didn't know his name
And a fool at the wheel
Said that he ain't to blame
A big time puppeteer
Was second in command
I watched him go below deck
Come back with blood on his hands
Said your lucky to be alive
Fortunate to be free
You happened to cross paths
With America's destiny

How much does it take...

They flashed me some money
More than I ever seen
Said this is for your raft
It'll buy our way clean
More than anyone could want
More than any one could see
Stay out of our way son
'cause we're born to lead
Back on the river
I've got a brand knew raft
I guess it's just my nature
I'll be the last one left to laugh

How much does it take...
Too much is enough to be rich like you
If hell does exist that's where you're headed to.

© 2006 SILAS

Medicine Bow

Written By: SILAS

I 've been drivin' for well over twenty one hours straight through a time change and a mind rearranged in Medicine Bow.
Where the sunset splits the sky in layers of red and blue
I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you.

I'm inspired to overcome Gravity and fly.

The years of melted milestones a path into the unknown, Coca Cola with a time change and a mind rearranged in Medicine Bow.
Where the sunset splits the sky in layers of red and blue I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you.

I'm inspired to...

I would say you exude purple to the multitudes, beauty like a time change and a mind rearranged in Medicine Bow.
Circles of blue and red, I can't forget about what you said
I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you
I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you.

© 2006 SILAS

A Thousand Children

Written By: SILAS

Morning in America,
A sunny haze burns into the Street.
Full of cracks, full of crack.
I feel weeds growing up
All around my feet.

I can taste the bitterness of Freedom starvation.
I can see the path of
The old mens' destination.
I can hear the voice of a
New lost generation.
The sound of a thousand children left behind.

Midday in America and
The wind begins to blow a Heavy rain.
Plasma, plasma flows
From the depths of another
Desperate poor man's vein.

I can taste the bitterness...
The sound of a million Children left behind.

Used to take a village
To raise the child.
Nowadays I walk around the village and I see the children
Running wild.

Night time in America
And the darkness makes it
Hard to see.
Seventh generation,
I hope there's one for the Sake of humanity.

I can taste the biterness...
The sound of a billion Children left behind.

© 2006 SILAS

Homage to the Cheapest Hope

Written By: SILAS

Friends all tried to tell you
'bout time that you slowed down
'cause your movin' way too fast
Your feet don't touch the ground
You've joined the walking wounded
Fries my mind to see
How easily you got trapped
By this mass insanity

Like a pinwheel in the breeze
You just spin round 'n' round
On a never ending quest
For the cheapest hope in town.

Tiny voice of reason
Makes the loudest sound
If you'd look into the mirror
When you lay the powder down
Standing awkward naked
Your words no longer rhyme
Frenetic on the sidewalk
With just a shiny dime

Like a pinwheel in...

Better get yourself a big hat
'cause the shit's began to fall
There ain't no one left behind you
And your sacred crystal wall
Friends all tried to tell you
'bout time that you slowed down
'cause you're movin' way too fast
Your feet don't touch the ground

Like a pinwheel in...

© 2006 SILAS

Revolution In My Heart

Written By: SILAS

'd been treading water for way too long.
Too afraid to admit that I was wrong.
We sat in your car
I watched you cry.
I didn't miss the water 'til the well ran dry.

You've ignited a revolution
Incited a revolution
You've inspired a revolution
In my heart

A crescent moon looked on as I wiped your tear stained cheek.
In that early morning moment there were no words to speak.
Ben Harper on the stereo you laid your head on me.
Did you not realize you were an instant remedy?

You've ignited a revolution...

So now you've gone away with a hammer in your hand.
My hearts on the anvil do you even understand?
That I'm powerless in your presence, vulnerable through my soul.
Thank you oh so much girl for helping me to lose control.

You'e ignited a revolution...

© 2006 SILAS


Written By: SILAS

Cast out into the street
by a flower child gone to seed.
I used to wonder what kind of mother
could watch her little girl bleed.
Daddy played the wrong way with the core of her innocence.
Learning how to market her flesh
the only way she'd ever have a chance.

I gave On the Road to Luna
it was all I had to share.
A soul lookin' for some cover
after years of being bare.
I gave On the Road to Luna
both of us tryin' to survive.
Teenaged creature of impulse
fifteen goin' on forty five.

She had the itch when I met her
and a pinprick look in her eyes.
"There's got to be some other place I won't have to live this lost angel lie."
Freedom of the road swallowed Luna and
soon she stopped being sick.
'til six months later in San Miguel de Allende
the clock began to tick.

I gave On the Road to...

She left the road in Mexico
a slave to the thrill of sin.
Wound up back in Long Beach
to start all over again.
Some are born to free will
some are born to fate
Luna was born to a losin' hand
in a game that started too late.

I gave On the Road to...


SILAS recently completed their first full length CD at Eugene's Gung-Ho Studio, with the immense creativity and technical wizardry of owner/engineer, Billy Barnett. Their self-titled debut was released in 2006. You can currently PURCHASE the CD online at

Set List

Medicine Bow
A Thousand Children
Brightest Star
Revolution In My Heart
Homage To The Cheapest Hope
They Danced Big
Inland Empire

covers include, but not limited to:

Bob Dylan
Allman Brothers Band
JJ Cale
Ryan Adams
plus many more.

SILAS can do a 90 minute original showcase set or a full 4 hour concert.