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Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Theophilus London and Bing CI Winner Ryan Rimmer is Certified silascopathic"

The eclectic MC known as Theophilus London is consistently picking up steam from all corners of the globe. Recently, he launched a Creative Invite with us to see what a world of talent could do with the product of his skills. In partnership with the search engine Bing and social media platform Talenthouse, Theophilus offered up his track “All Around the World” for our members’ best remixing efforts. When he sampled the certified quality splicing of Silascopathic, aka Ryan Rimmer, Theophilus knew he’d found his remix.

We got ahold of Ryan for both a Skype video (during which we surprised him with the news that he was the Winner) and a written interview describing his actual Winner Experience with Theophilus and company. Watch the interview for Ryan’s reaction, then read on to learn which techniques he used for the remix, how he came by his unique stage name, and his various sources of inspiration...... -

"Timez Are Weird These Days (The Remixes) - Album Review"

And as so often happens in the DJ world, complete unknowns make a strong showing. In this case it’s the winner of Theo’s remix contest, Silasopathic, whose take on “All Around the World” drains out the joie de vivre and adds plenty of dread in the form of early hip-hop breaks, ominous organ stabs, and even some jungly bits. - MTV IGGY


Still working on that hot first release.



silascopathic (pronounced cy-lis-ko-path-ik), a.k.a. Ryan Rimmer has put the bands aside and has started to concentrate all his musical efforts into electronic dance music. When asked what genre he writes in, the answer is more along the lines of what ever gets his head moving. Although he primarily writes between the bpms of 120-130 he has experimented in dub step and drum and bass. Recently silascopathic has started honing and tweaking his skills to get out and start DJing for his fans. Again, while his set will mostly be awesome electro house, he knows how to toss the throwbacks in he mix and get some nostalgic magic happening. Only recently having moved to Austin, TX, silascopathic is already making moves and getting his name out there. Keep your ears ready and eyes out for more releases and remixes from silascopathic every month.