Silas Fermoy

Silas Fermoy

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

"Silas Fermoy is a medley of musical dudes from New York and London, England who have come together from their respective backgrounds to create a combination of old school harmony and modern catchy pop peppered with unique notes and pitches. Vocalist Joshua Mash boasts a smooth, sultry voice that threatens to completely encompass, and bandmates Jordan Brower and Sam Ellner ensure that he weaves his vocal web to a background of clean, precise melodies."
- NY Social Status


In the summer of 2010, Joshua Mash was a solo musician playing gigs throughout New York City under the name Shilo Andrews. Previously touting an acoustic hip-hop vibe, Mash set out to revamp his sound. After meeting bassist Jordan Brower by chance at the tequila bar where they both worked, the duo soon found themselves in Mashs home studio collaborating on new material. Six months later, after resounding feedback from family and friends, Mash and Brower had a 4-song demo and set out to complete their sound.

Enter guitarist Sam Ellner.

As a three-piece, Silas Fermoys sound became more abstract and full adding live drums, a double keyboard, and multiple bass effects. Mashs songwriting skirts the line between fiction and autobiography, weaving narratives together and creating a story that expands from one song to the next.

Drawing on diverse influences such as Radiohead, Bob Marley, Arcade Fire, Beirut, The Cat Empire, and Little Dragon, Silas Fermoy ventured into The End studio to create what would become their highly anticipated debut release, Chapters. With fans at heart, Silas Fermoy released three songs from the upcoming EP for free download on their social networks.