Silas Marner

Silas Marner


Mind blowing metal with extremely crunchy breakdowns, killer blastbeats, and double bass. A sound so heavy some can't bear it, while others scream for more.


Silas Marner a metal/deathcore band from Atlanta, GA, started owning the stage in April 2005 and has permantly formed a metal claw out of everyones hand since. With such strong faith in God and a will to do nothing but show kids how awesome Jesus is, nothing can stand in there way. The road has been bumpy but the Lord continues to provide and set seeds in peoples hearts. After playing over 100 shows since April 05' Silas Marner will begin touring in March and bring the gospel nationwide to kids that really need to hear about Jesus. With a strong stage presence and light show, every show blows people away. With brutal aggression no matter if there 5 people or 500; Silas Marner will still bring all they have to the table.


We released a really ruff Self title EP a year ago. But our music has grown alot and we are releasing a new demo around January 2007.

Set List

Our set consists of about 6 songs and last about 35 minutes, with an intro song and lighting effects. We make it a point to keep our set rolling smooth throughout the show to give other bands enough time.