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Silas Peach

Seminole, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Seminole, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Country Acoustic


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Speakeasy - Released 2009 by Jared Sutton's former band Fat Dixie
Spinning My Wheels - Released 2007 by Jared Sutton's former band Fat Dixie
Whiskey Road Show - Released 2005 by Jared Sutton's former band Bishops Alley
Out of Place - Released 2004 by Jared Sutton's former band Bishops Alley
Bishops Alley - Released 2001 by Jared Sutton's former band Bishops Alley



Silas Peach pour their heart and their soul into their music. The alchemy that forges them, extends beyond the signature vocal blends and unique songwriting gifts. With their single, "Lite up the Dark," gaining more and more internet radio play and their fan base growing more everyday, it is easy to applaud their music, and it is equally just as easy to appreciate the shared heart beat that lingers after the curtains close.
Silas Peach formed in the late summer of 2011. Jared Sutton, former vocal leader of bands Bishops Alley and Fat Dixie, and Amber Root, striving solo artist, who had been working and co-writing together since mid September of 2010, combined their rich vocal harmonies in hopes of making more than just music together.
Their late night song writing sessions, with Jared teaching Amber how to play the guitar, soon became the genesis through which they discovered the remarkable emotional effect that was created when they blended their sounds and took turns harmonizing with each other's powerful leading vocals.
By adding Jared's unique guitar sound and Amber's new found style with the shakers and tambourine to their vocal mix, the two seasoned musicians realized just how much potential they shared in becoming something new, different, and amazing.
In the spring and early summer of 2011, they began playing acts across Oklahoma, as well as frequent visits to Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. They cover genres from classic to modern and rock to country. The duo also treats their listeners to their contemporary country originals. The pair's combined velvety tones, mixed with an intimate acoustic setting, prove to provide their listeners with an emotionally moving and unforgettable experience.
With hopes of ascending towards the musical stardom constellation, the duo surprisingly keeps a humble and level head about themselves and always do their best to keep a positive and serious attitude towards their music. They always strive to out do their best, believing that one day, the power, dedication, and heart put into one of their songs may change the scope of their career at home in Oklahoma and in all the places they have yet only dreamed of playing.
When it comes to understanding the in's and out's of the music scene, Jared has some 14+ years supporting him. "You don't want to perform your music, or even cover other's music, the exact same way it's arranged on an album. People come to a concert not just for the music, but for the experience. We don't want our listeners paying money to witness something they could have gotten for free at home. You have to keep your shows full of energy. You want them to go home with something they will never find on any record." They not only live in the moment, but they enjoy the experience of singing and playing live.
Often enough, musicians tend to stray from what is true to themselves. Silas Peach offers nothing but originality from the ground up. They are writing their own songs, playing their own instruments, and creating their own arrangements. The creative sensibility and warm temperament from these two is everlasting, bringing to life exactly what they envision.
Even though both Jared and Amber are seasoned musicians and have been practicing their craft since they were old enough to sing, they are still learning something new everyday. Often enough, they feel vulnerable and self-conscious, yearning for approval much like anyone else. Never wanting to let listeners down, they are always pushing themselves towards limitless goals, ideas, hopes, and dreams.
Never taking a single moment for granted, Silas Peach enjoys every moment, strives to do their very best, and hopes that music lovers everywhere see a genuine duo making real and original music based on life experiences. Songs are a dime a dozen; it is the experience, the memory, and what someone gets out of it that make a song worthy. Fifteen, Twenty years down the