Silas Reed N' Da Books

Silas Reed N' Da Books

 Oxford, Mississippi, USA

THE BEST EVER....Oh, and we got LASERS! LOL


Silas Reed N' Da Books was formed overnight to help a good friend out of a bind. The band's first show - a mere day after it's inception - was Worldfest '08, and it was a success. Driven by their aspirations to positively influence the scene and the world, SRB have been gaining momentum ever since, and though the faces have changed, the soul remains the same. Fusing the best elements of rock, synth, and soul, SRB's music is refreshingly original, and they give an intense performance every time they step on the stage. The energy is tangible, and something everyone should experience. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself!

Three Guitars + Two Keyboards + Three Vocals + Bass + Drums + Magic Love Juice = "Silas Reed N Da Books"