Silence Awakens

Silence Awakens


"Silence Awakens" the quietness in all mankind to wake up from the veil of sleep that has covered the land for centuries and govern over the people lives,minds and souls and enlighten the listeners with the SECRET that lies within ourselves.


“SILENCE AWAKENS” The MESSAGE: “At a time when human souls despair and hearts fracture from constant sorrow, annihilation from distress, of shame and misery, of intellectual slavery and physical coercion from the twilight of the past ancestors. One must heed . Silence Awakens the unvoiced in all mankind to wake up from the veil of sleep that has hovered over the land for centuries and govern over the people minds and lives to speak up and stand up . “SILENCE AWAKENS” Conjures from a deep abyss of ancient past animal ancestral warrior sprits and brings the life-force forth in each one of us bringing new beginnings and inpowering manifestations to all the youth of today. Convening that our true cultural and spiritual identities of strength and pride is the strength we need to live in abyss. SILENCE AWAKENS the will and the mighty blade of life to abolish struggling to succeed. Thus herald a illuminated future with a inevitable path for our coming generations. SILENCE AWAKENS music is inspired by significantly greater effects in the world, spiritual and racial identity, bringing about heathen warrior consciousness, pride and honor of, and for "All Nations” .”A positive message for our youth is our mission”. Driven by intense off beat drums, aggressive and fast guitar and progressive bass riffs combinds uniquely with distinguishable vocals is what makes up “SILENCE AWAKENS”. Silence Awakens is presently in the studio recording their first single “ Take Me”. Take Me talks about the reality we are facing today with our youths and our people on the streets, lost and drugging themselves to oblivion. “TAKE ME” acknowledges the despair and brings new light to higher source of freedom and a place to belong. Stay tuned for the New Album coming soon.



Written By: Hedy-Marie


I walk the lonely path that’s in my mind
Please release me from this hell
I’m confused in my mankind
Down these angry halls
I see myself once again
Tears streaming down my face
Hoping to erase all trace
I watch all hope walk away
Leaving this lonely bitter world
That has now turn cold

Verse 1

I drift along the alley’s original sin
Confusion doubt sets in
And I lose control of everything
Down these angry halls I see myself again

Verse II

Evil lurks and feeds the weakest prey
give up the ghost with disarray
And I reach for you to hear my prayers
The spirit within has left my side (my side)
With passing time all withers to die (to die…)

Bridge lead in


Take me to a place that I can go higher
Take me to a place that nobody knows
Take me to a place that I can free my soul
Take me to a place that I can call home

Verse III

I walk the lonely streets to find my soul
State of bedlam has taken hold
And my identity raped and sold
Trapped by the hands of the enemy (OH Ya)
I scream to deafen ears let me go (let go)
Bridge lead in

Tempo change


We are presently in the studio recording and will be finishing our first single "Take ME"

The demo version of song was too long and was unable to up load in this site go to to hear the demo

Set List

We will produce a set list as we have all the recording finished