Silence Factory

Silence Factory


Unique sounding live elektro band from Budapest, Hungary. We're a soulful, elektro-funk act with strong and impulsive female vocals: on stage our singer, Napsugár acts like a bomb. We've just released our debut album, and we're into gigging.


One day we just thought of making a band - that's how it starts. Then it is much more compilcated in details, as it seems writing what happened in a few rows. It was almost exactly two years ago when Kornélia and Gábor went home from a rehearsal in a local jazz band, and thought about creating Silence Factory - (the name comes from a dream). Then followed 3 months of extreme productivity - i haven't composed anything since 6 years then, and all those experiences started to come to life musically. We set up the live band, created a demo, and started playing gigs in Budapest. After a year, sadly the uncertainity of band life almost broke everything - Kornélia has left the band, due to a contract with a metal band. This all happened after we've finished the studio recordings of the first album. After half a year of mixing, mastering, singer-searching, we've finally released our first album, and we're enforced with a new superb singer, Napsugár. Now we're looking forward to what 2008 will have for us.

our style is like:
Sometimes atmospheric and eerie, ambient soundscapes founded on jazzy harmonies, sometimes boogieing down to earthy electro-funk grooves - our new band is a live killer with Napsugár's ultradynamic stage performance. What we love, and what inspired us to create our world are mostly oldschool jazz giants, electronic music as a phenomenon, and what could have gone first: c64. So, heroes: Miles,Herbie,The Orb,Meitz,Dizzy and a zillion more.


Sitting on a cloud

Written By: Gábor Csordás

Sitting on a cloud,
hangin' my feet in the air,
a faint breeze strokes me,
tickles through my hair,
Got an ice cream from a balloon passing by,
the captain sends a flirting smile,
sitting on a cloud, hangin' my feet, sitting on a cloud.

Riding on a cloud,
with the wind roaring loud,
i have nothing to fear,
slippin' above the ground
tickling the feet of angels,
overtaking jets and eagles,
riding on a cloud, flying along,
riding on a cloud.


Written By: László Szabados

f you forget about what you've been all through
time will slowly break the bonds apart
if you would believe what you could be together
time would surely show that it's not so hard

counting your wounds won't heal you at all
feeling hurt and deserted is an easy state
she's someone who won't ever let you down
don't think you should always choose your fate

she's got all the pearls you ever wanted
please be careful to keep them on the lace
you don't know what love means when you have it
you'll be suffering if you let it go to waste

she's the shining jewel of your life
you're heading towards a big mistake
why won't you let her shine on you
it's not easy to find someone who's not fake

she's got all the pearls you ever wanted
please be careful to keep them on the lace
you don't know what love means when you have it
you'll be suffering if you let it go to waste


Our first album is released as a digital download through Kudos-Digital records in early 2008. Available in major download stores, the title is Silence Factory.
Sitting on a Cloud is a minor hit being played by some local radio and internet stations.

Set List

We play from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the occasion.

Our basic songs, usually played each show are:
Be silent
Dance the night away
Funk Medley
Dirty Blood
Single Song
Sitting on a Cloud

additionally we play Horizon, Félek, Pearls, Illegális parti, we only play original compositions.