Silence In The Studio

Silence In The Studio

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We write and perform music that we enjoy, and which creatively comes from an authentic, expressive space. We have three songwriters, and as a result we have a fairly diverse sound.


The band initially formed in the summer of 2008, and after a few lineup changes, we solidified the current members in the summer of 2009. We have since played several shows in Toronto, and have just finished recording our first, self-released album.


Silence In The Studio EP
So It Goes

Set List

-March Of The Fools
-The Smoke
-Bringing Yourself Back
-Obscure The World
-No One Had A Clue
-We All Act The Same
-Gold Of The Dead
-Losing My Mind
-Out Of It All
-There Are No Lights
-Little South

-We're In This Together (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

About 80-90 minutes of material, although we are constantly writing new songs.