Silence of a Silhouette

Silence of a Silhouette


If you were to make Silence of a Silhouette, you would need 2 parts Story of the Year (Post-Hardcore riffs and screams), two parts Circa Survive (Progressive/Ambient bridges), one part New Found Glory (Pop influenced catchy choruses and lyrics), & a dash of Anberlin (keys and synthesizer.)


Silence of a Silhouette, often referred to as SOS, is a young quintet formed by lead singer Danny and lead guitarist Jeff. In 2006, new guitarist Andy and drummer Jeffrah joined the band. Jeffrah brought in his friend Justin on bass to round out the rhythm section, and so was born “the current band today...thriving ever since,” says Jeff.
Shortly after signing with Metrohouse Management in 2007, the band’s popularity skyrocketed. Often headlining at local venues and developing a solid fan base, Silence of a Silhouette brings an average of 300 fans and almost sells out of merchandise at every local show.

“An SOS live show is an orchestrated assault of energy and a tightness that, put bluntly, sounds like a band twice their age.” (Scott Arko, The Cauldron) Not only do they sound just as good, if not better, live, they have the stage presence to awe even the toughest critic. The fan base is also another strong part to this unforgettable band. “Not only do they chant “S-O-S” before and after they get on or off the stage, but they diligently sing along to every lyric and make sure to catch Danny, the lead singer, when he decides to hurl his body off the stage and into the crowd.” (Angelica Merritt, The Buchtelite) The crowd’s response is only the first of many indications that the band has a devoted fan base developed from the strength of their song writing aesthetic and their energetic performances. Fan-made merchandise, record label offers, and a strong myspace presence don’t hurt either.

Writer Jeff Peters found his composition Goodbye Sunshine in the finals of the 11th Annual USA Songwriting Competition in 2006, and rightly so: the song alone has collected countless fans and remains by a wide margin, their most commonly recognized and popular piece.


Goodbye Sunshine

Written By: Silence of a Silhouette

1. It’s too late for me,
I’ve been gone for so long
I can’t remember who I am
Just forget I’m here
You’ll be better off without knowing the things
I could have done – I would have done to you

I wish I never left the womb
So just lock me in my tomb
And forget that I was here (forget that I was here)
It looks fine from where I lay
As I’m stuck here in my grave
So I’ll just disappear (I’ll just disappear)

Goodbye Sunshine, I don’t need you anymore
Good night Sunlight, I’m better off alone
Rip, my, spine, right out of my back
Goodbye Sunshine, Goodbye Sunshine

2. On the verge of being ruined
My life’s better left untuned
I never knew that right was wrong
Put me out of your mind
And fail to remember all the things I said
The things I said that meant nothing to you

I had, to push you out, to push you out this time
Like every time before
I have, nothing left, there’s nothing left for me
There’s only misery, only misery

Give Me A Sign

Written By: Silence of a Silhouette

Verse 1
I’ve never met someone as perfect as you
Without a single flaw, it seems you always draw me in
We make decisions that we’ll later regret
But it’s not necessary, to make this so temporary

We’ve been thru hell
(We’ve been thru hell)
But we always found a way to work things out
We’ve come too far to destroy something so wonderful

Just give me a sign
To let me know
Is your heart still mine
Or should I just let go?
I’ll give you all the time you need
If you come back to me
Come back to me

Verse 2
It’s the distance that kills us
But I’ll give you your space
If it makes you happy enough
To put a smile on your face
If this is really the end
I have one final confession
That since our eyes met
I’ve always felt I was in
When we touched
When you smiled
When we’d kiss
All the while

Bridge 1
Why can’t you lie to me?
Tell me what I want to hear
Lie to me

Bridge 2
How could you do this to me?
Can you change your mind?
It’s not impossible
Its just another obstacle
Saying sorry,
Won’t make things any better
But I can forgive and forget
(forgive and forget)
Forgive and forget

Just give me a sign
Come back to me
How could you, how could you do this to me?
What about our, what about our love?

I loved you so damn much.

Pandora's Box

Written By: Silence of a Silhouette


I was blind at first
Now it’s becoming very clear
That you’ve lost all common sense
(Without a clue)
My mind’s been cursed
Since the moment you appeared
I’ll turn to ashes from your torment

Pre chorus:
We were going nowhere fast
This wasn’t meant to last

I can’t look at you the same
Your face turns sunny days to gray
I can’t stand to hear your name
I’ll move a thousand miles away
You were a treasure with several
I’ve finally found the keys
But I’ve opened Pandora’s box

Post Chorus:
(I’ve lost all interest)
It’s your loss
(You’ve failed to impress)
I’m better off

Take your time (take your time)
Not like it mattered anyways
You’ll always be so self-absorbed
(You think of yourself)
I can’t make you mine
You’re like a never-ending maze
You’re just someone I can’t afford

Pre chorus 2:
We were going nowhere fast
(Going nowhere fast)
This wasn’t meant to last

1st Bridge:
Does it look like just a game?
Another victim you can claim?

Go on and roll the dice

You’re a disease without a cure
Another sickness too severe
Your heart’s as cold as ice

2nd Bridge:
You’re my poison
You’re the type that destroys one
Keeping both my hands tied
Open wide for self-destruction
You come with no detecting,
Waiting for the right time
To define your stealth corruption

The Flavor

Written By: Silence of a Silhouette

1. All I need is a sign
I’m waiting for one indication
I’m waiting for your invitation
I’m infected with your bad habit
You’re injected like a drug addict, I know
But once inside then I am fine,
Yes everything will be just fine

Choking on the bitter taste of irony
(The taste of irony)
I’d rather give in than to face my enemy

You’re making this too hard for me to resist
How can I say no if you beg and insist?
You’re such a contagious disaster
And I’m just addicted to the flavor of your kiss

2. When others glow, you shine
Though it may sound surprising
You have this look that’s mesmerizing
But temptation has me by the throat
My fixation needs an antidote, tonight
And once again I will be fine,
Yes everything will be just fine

I can tell what’s on your mind
I know – I know all about you
You’ve got that look inside your eye
The one I can’t deny

Hypnotize me while we spin
Paralyze me with your skin
I’m holding on, I’m holding on

No Guarantees

Written By: Silence of a Silhouette

Take me as I am
Cause’ this is all I have to offer
But pleasure doesn’t come with guarantees
Take-me for what it’s worth
Cause’ this is all that I can give you
But all that I have left are memories

I can’t keep fighting for the things that I can’t get
Now you’re a memory that I can’t help but regret

Prechorus 1
I wasn’t looking for a shattered romance,
I was hoping I could have one last chance
To make it up to you
But tell me is this sacrifice worth the cost
I can’t help thinking you’re the one who’s at loss
But it’s just my point of view

C. Are you happy with your choice now, baby?
It’s too bad that you had to let me go
All I wanted was someone to save me,
I thought you could, but I guess we’ll never know
- I’ll make sure you regret what you’ve done
I’ll make sure you admit you were wrong
You were wrong…

Things were great at first, now I’m bracing for the worst

As every second passes by, I wonder if I should even try

So is this what you need? Another excuse to bleed

They’re all just scars that never heal, and answers you know can’t be –

But pleasure doesn’t come with guarantees

Now all that I have left are…

Prechorus 2
I’m not looking for a shattered romance,
I was hoping I could have one last chance

To make it up to you and you and you and oh…
But tell me is this sacrifice worth the cost
I can’t help thinking you’re the one who’s at loss
But it’s just my point of view.

I guess the time we spent was just a waste
The image of your smile has been erased

Are you better off without me?
Do you ever think about me?
So tell me when you want to let me know…


Intro to Coda 1
You were wrong
You were wrong

Coda 1
You were wrong, you’ll get what you deserved
You were wrong, your words were meant to hurt
Just admit it, you regret this
Just admit it, that you were wrong

Coda 2
I must confess, I took you for granted
We were such a mess, but now we’re stranded

Coda 3
So I guess we’ve reached the end
We’ve come so far
Now I guess I’ll just pretend…
We’re alright
We’re alright.


Untitled 5 Song EP, August 2006

"Escaping Reality" - 7 Song EP, April 2008

Set List

35-45 Minute set
All songs are original:
Goodbye Sunshine - 4:28
Making Thing Worse - 4:18
No Guarantees - 6:20
The Flavor - 4:29
Pandora's Box - 4:30
Everything's Not Enough - 4:06