Silence Theory

Silence Theory

 Port Alberni, British Columbia, CAN

Silence Theory are a Progressive Metalcore band from Port Alberni, British Columbia. Using Technical Guitar Riffs, Huge Breakdowns, and an incomparable raw live energy, they are just starting their assault on Western Canada.


Silence Theory is an Experimental/Progressive Metalcore Band hailing from Port Alberni, British Columbia. Formed Originally as Dexedrin, in 2005 by Guitarist, Steven Bekker and Drummer, Josh Spencer. Also brought in was long time friend and Bassist, Russel Walton. They started off small, originally playing covers of "Smells like Teen Spirit, and a few originals. After playing a few shows around Port Alberni for small occasions, they started to develop a harder sound, they were invited to the 2006 B.C. Metal show, which was headlined by Vancouver's own Three Inches of Blood. After the show, The band discussed playing heavier music, due to the impact of the show on them. Dexedrin then started writing new material.

In mid 2009, Bassist Russel Walton, decided he wanted to front the band and focus on his vocals instead of bass, thus Bassist Zach Thompson entered the band. At this point, it was agreed that the band was no longer even Dexedrin. The boys decided to change their name and start fresh. Silence Theory was the product.

We create music that we would want to listen to. Not following any certain process or knowing what the end result will be. Our goal is to produce music that you can listen to over and over again and not get bored of.



Recording EP this Fall.