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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Ya know sometimes I get bored with anything remotely rock and throw on some classical (ahem, serious music), jazz or avant garde. So I suppose it makes sense that I appreciate a little diversity and pretension in my rock too - as long as the musicians can back it up. Silencio isn\'t just one of those bands that combines all these, but has decidedly become my newest favorite band - local or otherwise.

The first few times I saw Silencio it was at its core a guitar, keyboard and percussion trio. They recently added a forth member who splits his playing between bass, keyboards, incidental electronica and percussion. Sure, the instrumentation could be your standard modern rock band. But before you begin thinking that, first ya should know this is an instrumental band, meaning not only are there no vocals, but these kids know their instruments. The sound is closest to various forms of jazz and free jazz. Fans of Ornett Coleman, Larry Coryell (sol! o and Mingus), Sun Ra and Miles Davis (Bitches Brew) should be satisfied. But there also seems to be a mix of rock influences. The heavier guitar parts aren\'t far from AC/DC in tone and intensity. Even Stravinsky and Grieg fans might find a bit interesting. Fans of art rock bands who experimented with noise and sound a la King Crimson and Genesis (the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) should also find something. For me, sometimes just watching the communication between the musicians as the songs unfold on stage is half the show.

Simply put, Silencio is one of those bands that may or may not sound like your thing, but you\'ll be hard pressed not to be impressed by their ambitious musicianship at one point or another.


Instrumental. Silencio (from Columbus, OH) combines many different styles including harcore, noise, metal, jazz and others to craft very precise and explosive songs. Silencio shares some common ground with the Flying Luttenbachers (longer, more composition oriented racket), Naked City (genre switching, mind boggling, manic intensity), and late Iceburn (unbelievably good musicianship used to make totally innovative music). Silencio are truly forging new ground in music. - -


Demo EP: 5 song, self released CD, 2002
Summer Tour EP: 3 Song, self released tour CD, 2003
Dead Kings LP: 7 song full length CD, released on Mountian Collective Records, 2004. Airplay on local & national (US) radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In early 2002, Guitarist Jamie Hafler recruited friends and fellow musicians Nathan Ward (drums), and Anna Wuerth (keyboards) to help solidify the vision that would become the core of SILENCIO's sound. With a hardcore background, (Ex-Inept, Ex-Dead Limb Sleep) Jamie sought to add an abrasive edge to the textural and dynamic sound SILENCIO attempted to arrange. In the summer of 2002, the three piece enlisted Tony Belleau, their fourth and final member, to flesh out the arrangements with Bass Guitar and Samples.
That Summer, the group self-released their first 5 song Demo-EP and played a number of shows from art galleries to local Jazz bars and Metal clubs, to the Columbus More Than Music Fest alongside such influential acts Lightning Bolt, Mastodon, Melt Banana and Shellac.
Throughout the next 2 years, SILENCIO took the road on small tours, arranged music for films, and released two more albums; one of which being their current full length on Mountain Collective (Atom & His Package, Flying Luttenbachers, Ire).
The choice to not engage the vocal instrument was an intentional one. The sound and structure of vocal arrangements have/can lead an all too linear path, one that would ultimately hinder SILENCIO's aim.