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By: Metronome Maganize (Boston)

"Well played and highly original, *silencio* rocks with the intensity of a Texas twister. Expect this band to take Boston by storm because they certainly have what it takes!".

"You guys have done a really artistically thorough and sonically meticulous job!”
These guys have a really good sound to their music & I could see them become very popular with Metal fans. Well worth checking out!!! - Taxi/Metronome/Beowolf Prod.


2004 3-song demoCD
2008 - *silencio* album
2009 - Fim Da Vida (single)
2009 - 9-Stop Trip (single)



Hard rock/Metal band formed in 2003 by Brazilian singer Marcelo Carboni.

After ten years of underground "metal" activities in Brazil, vocalist/lyricist Marcelo Carboni knew it was time to move on. In August 2001, determined to develop another band and hit American stages, he chose Boston as his second home.

In 2002, Marcelo met bassist Jason Felitto. In the same year, he found drummer Dave Lowe, who was also looking for serious people to work with.

Due to busy schedules and no guitarist in sight, the three exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again when Marcelo had found a guitarist.

Months later, Marcelo met guitarist Marvio Santos--also originally from Brazil--and invited him for the "special project".

The team was complete at last, and in 2003, the four-piece assembled for their first full band practice.

In 2004, immediately following the recording of the band's demo CD, Jason stepped down, but the band kept the ball rolling by hitting the stages bass-less. Then, in 2005, guitarist Marvio moved to Philadelphia.
After a decisive meeting, Dave and Marcelo felt they were not ready to give up without a fight.

When Indiana-born guitarist Charles Squires joined the band in 2006, *silencio* got a second chance.
By October of that year, Marvio moved back to Boston and rejoined the band.

With Marvio bringing raw emotion and Charlie being more methodical, the band now had two guitarists representing the best of both worlds.

The last piece of the puzzle was found in July 2007: bassist Doug Grey joined *silencio*. Due to his song-learning expertise, it was obvious that Lunenburg-based Doug was a perfect fit for the now five-piece arsenal.

The band's first full-length CD titled SILENCIO debuted in January 2008.

On Aug 26th, 2008 Dave (Drums) leaves the band and Chris Leiton, from Salem joined the group on Dec 18th.

The band has been currently working on their 2nd album.