SILENCIO, a hard rock Boston band has a heavy metal edge with unique hard rock/funky guitar style. This 4-guy band makes the type of sound that intoxicates anyone who cares to appreciate good old Hard Rock. We want to whisper our sweet melodies in your ears. Come hear our SILENCE.


SILENCIO, a hard rock Boston band, was formed in 2000 by guitarist Marvio and singer Marcelo Carboni. Silencio's combination of Marcelo's heavy metal edge with Marvio's unique hard rock/funky guitar style was what gave the band its unique sound.

Other influences include Metallica, Black Sabbath, Extreme, and Iron Maiden.

Dave Lowe, the drummer, was added to the band's roster a few months later. He is greatly influenced by classic hard rock from bands such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Dave was a perfect addition to the band's hard edge and jam like sound, which would be the staple of things to come.

Bassist Jason Fellito came a few weeks later and greatly influenced the band with "slap happy" funk riffs, and fast, hard hitting picking.

The new guitarist, Charles Squires, from Berklee College of Music has stepped into Marvio's shoes. He joined the band in 2006 and will naturally bring his own style to the band.

Silencio is a unique mixture of technique and passion of rock and roll, heavy metal, classical and funk.

Something that has to be heard to be truly understood.



Written By: Marcelo Carboni

But you cannot move now

I wonder the places
You’ve been to
Who brought you here
To this fucking wall


How old are you now
Hanging on the wall
How old are you now?

Even dead – You!
Stand tall

Above us all
Watching our persistent
Pathetic fall


You’d better move now
Run away!
You gotta crush them all
Go away!
Make’em bite the dust now
Go away!
It’s your turn now
Make your day!


Self Portrait

Written By: Marcelo Carboni

In truth I exist
Here I draw face
With see through canvas
And invisible paint

I like this background
Light intensity
I’m heart and soul
Plus technique

I stare at faces
Copy and paste some for me
While stealing
Whatever they could be

In truth I exist
Here I draw face
Features, forms
And nothing, nothing to say
You’ll see I’ll be around
Showing off my style
It’s easy for me
A mother fucker versatile

I stare at faces
Copy and paste…


Hey! It’s my self portrait
It’s never gonna fade
It’s not a fake
(made of invisible…invisible paint)

Caravaggio, Velasquez
Goya, Delacroix, Monet

Renoir, Van Gogh, Picasso
Tarsila, Portinali, Dali
I have them all in me

Chorus / Solo / Chorus

Feet and Insomnia

Written By: Marcelo Carboni

Lying down
I observe my feet
Never gave’em
The least importance
Big toes, small toes
All perfect and washed

I play with them
Make’em dance
I find the reason why
I’m looking at them


The pillow is high
And there’s a little fish
Swimming on it
Please cover my feet
Catch the fish
Change the pillow

Insomnia exists
And it makes you stay
Awake looking at your feet
That is dangerous
Cause you might fall
In love with them

You’ll be thinking of them
All night with tender


You wouldn’t understand anything
But you’ll keep on thinking
They’re your feet
You treat them
With tender, tenderness
Big toes, small toes
All perfect and washed


Set List

1- Mighty Trophy on the Wall (MTW)
2- Self Portrait
3- In Memorian
4- So Quickly
5- Carnivora
6- Desire
7- To the One
8- I Hate You
9- Sensory Systems
10- Nothing Will Come
11- Feet and Insomnia