Silent Diner

Silent Diner


Synthesizing Rock and Roll, Funk, Jazz, the Blues, and Progessive music, Silent Diner plays a fresh and innovative interpretation of improvisational music as the four musicians create a dynamic sound, evolving continuously through musical inspiration and audience interaction.


With a mounting following in and around Virginia, Silent Diner is gathering steam as an off-the-radar jam band rising on new sounds and musical innovation. Tight grooves and risky, experimental improvisation characterize each of their high-energy shows as unique and engaging experiences.

Featuring a diverse sound palette, Silent Diner reinvents themes extracted from jazz, funk, rock, the blues, and progressive music as their sound evolves synthetically and creatively. Individual songs create diverse and deeply textured spaces around the audience that shift dynamically through moods and ambiance, bringing them into the in-the-moment creative experience. Influenced by such musicians as Phish, the Grateful Dead, The Band, and Radiohead, Silent Diner’s sonic range incorporates an array of styles, breaking down genre boundaries with a sound mixed from classic rock and roll and a fresh, young approach to composition and performance.

Artists in the tradition of American music, the members of Silent Diner integrate the spirit of improvisation and the essence of live performance that is both relevant and accessible among audiences today. In their third year together, Silent Diner have brought their diverse musical backgrounds together, coming together in a unified sound as their lives have intertwined and their friendships grown. From the basement of a college dorm to bar and club stages, Silent Diner is optimistically rising on the contemporary music scene, committed to writing powerful, expressive music and pushing the bounds of live performance.


Silent Diner (2004)

Set List

Two sets of about an hour and a half with largely original music interspersed with a variety of covers including but limited to:
Sugar Magnolias
Sultans of Swing
Tweezer Reprise
Hey Bulldog
Fire on the Mountain
Scarlet Begonias
Me and my Uncle
What is Hip?
Funky Bitch