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Silent Alliance

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Pop EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Miwsig - Out in the Winter Night review"

Silent Alliance's self-released 'Cities On Fire' CD single comes with the passive face of a female brunette to the backdrop of blurred city lights, and inside is a heady rush of keyboards and guitar that evokes night-time city skylines and the rush of romance.

Leading track 'Cities On Fire' whips up a storm full of hope and lustre in lands of loneliness and isolation, and B-Side 'The Edge of Town' is a warm emotional ballad that buzzes with excitement at the endless possibilities of modern life.

Over a year travelling back and forth between home and Cardiff means I've lost the press release to be able to give you more information on the band, but for sure Silent Alliance tap into something ace that's worthy of your attention. - Miwsig

"Rivmixx rated - Silent Alliance"

Silent Alliance - Guitar-Driven Dance-Pop

Wed, Feb 17 2010

Written by:Chris Ecclestone
Silent Alliance are a six piece from London who create a unique mix of guitar-driven dance pop. Formed by vocalist Phillip Ybring and guitarist/vocalist Tom Kirkam after a rooftop meeting and a conversation about the genius of Brian Ferry. The pair soon went about recruiting the rest of the band Lewis Kirkham on synths, guitarist Alex Geddes, bassist Rhys Downing and Giles Taylor. Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest innovators of the pop genre Silent Alliance have shaped a sound that will ingnite dancefloors.

Once Silent Alliance hit the live scene they soon established themselves as one of London's top live acts with their energetic live performances. With the buzz surrounding the band building they entered the studio and released their debut album 'The Spirit Of An Age To Come' in 2008. Their record has gained them interest across the globe with international releases and an impressive lead single 'Cities On Fire' make Silent Alliance one to watch.

Who are you and where are you from?
"We are Silent Alliance and we're from London. There are six of us - playing guitars, synths, lots of vocals. The sound is big, melodic and immediate... it's pop with substance: hit material, but still meaningful and real."

What inspires you?
"Pop music mainly, but anything that's rich and intelligent really. We listen to bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Springsteen, Kate Bush, Psychedelic Furs, Mew, Prince etc. but chances are we'll be open to it if it has a catchy chorus."

What have you done?
"We've put out our debut album ‘The Spirit of an Age to Come' in Japan on Fastcut Records, and in the Philippines on Universal Records. In the UK we've gigged steadily over the past two years and we're currently recording a new record in London. Oh, and we've made a lot of people dance."

What makes you stand out?
"I'd say the live show. When we started, we saw far too many live indie bands that really lacked energy and enthusiasm - they were too busy trying to look cool instead of bothering to make the audience care about the music.

When we play, we move and dance and give it our all, and we encourage the crowd to get involved and let go of their inhibitions just for a while. I think that's so central to what this band is about. We try to make music that speaks directly to people's emotions - that resonates with their happiness and sorrows, hopes and dreams. I think the industry is crying out right now for some new bands that people can actually believe in."

Where are you going?
"The year ahead looks good - we'll finish our record and get out on the road. We've already a few big summer shows lined up in Oxford and London, and there'll be more on the way. Ultimately, we want to play to more people and really get our name out there. The world seems to be listening to and engaging with pop music once more, so it feels like the time is right for us." - Rivmixx

"The Lite's hot tips 2009"

...Let us point you in the direction of three artists with whom we're pretty sure nobody else will have bothered (because at least two of them aren't signed and therefore don't have record company reps bellowing their names). We're not saying they're going to be huge, just that you should pay them some attention...

...Then we have Silent Alliance. Their sparkling indie-tinged pure pop is effortlessly propulsive and melodic (The Edge Of Town is almost like New Order playing The Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out) and in Philip Ybring and Tom Kirkham they have a frontman and guitarist who make you smile. - London Lite


The Spirit of An Age to Come - album released Nov 2008 on Fastcut Records (Japan) and May 2009 on Universal Records (Philippines).



Silent Alliance plays a unique brand of exuberant guitar-driven dance-pop, described by critics as "effortlessly propulsive and melodic" and "pure indie guitar dance energy".

The band began with a chance encounter on a rooftop above a Holborn cocktail party, where Philip Ybring and Tom Kirkham struck up a conversation about decadance and the genius of Bryan Ferry. They soon realised that they had a common mission: To create a band of 21st century pop pioneers.

Sharing this singular musical vision, the duo set about recruiting a live line-up and laying the foundations for Silent Alliance's sound, developing an impressive and diverse repertoire of material influenced by the likes of New Order, Psychedelic Furs, Kate Bush, and Bruce Springsteen, as well as more obscure Scandinavian artists such as Mew and Håkan Hellström.

Silent Alliance's electrifying early performances in 2007 quickly carved out an audience and began to create a buzz, ultimately establishing the band's reputation as one of London's top live acts. In 2008 the band recorded debut album 'The Spirit of an Age to Come', featuring live favourites 'Sundown' and 'The Edge of Town', haunting ballads 'Permafrost' and 'December Eyes', as well as effortlessly catchy lead single 'Cities on Fire'. 'The Spirit of An Age to Come' was released in Japan on Fastcut Records to significant acclaim in November 2008, and was followed by a Philippines release on Universal Records in May 2009.

Since the album release, Ybring and Kirkham have continued to expand the band's musical vision, penning more unashamedly catchy tracks to spark dancefloors across the country into life. With the band now working on a forthcoming mini-album for UK release, an ever-increasing fanbase and a plethora of gig offers throughout the country, there can be no doubt that the future looks bright for the talented London outfit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, they are Silent Alliance, and this… is what you've been waiting for.