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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Concert Review- Club Owner"

Zakk's Coffee House
Murfreesboro, NC
October, 20 2006
Review By: Jon Royce

They have good, solid songwriting and performance was top notch. Everybody was mesmerized to pay attention to their unique sounds and tunes. They have a very professional and agreeable attitude. They showed up on time and ready to rock. They worked well with the venue and other bands to make the show work. They had a certain confidence that was far beyond what most of the other bands have.
All in all I would highly recommend this band to any talent buyer or venue looking for a unique, professional, tight and cooperative band. - Jon Royce 10/20/06

"Concert Review-The Well"

Silent Calling
The Well – Pineville, NC
June 24, 2006
Review by: Kevin Pearson

Silent Calling is a local Christian Rock band located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The band uses modern rock styles influenced with blues, jazz, and hymnal styles. The instrumentals consist of somewhat clean song introductions and flow into harder, more aggressive verse and chorus lines. Lyrics are of a Christian nature, but not as overbearing as traditional Christian bands; many songs contain lyrics that could be easily adapted into more traditional rock bands. The overall feel of the music kept the crowd constantly interested.
The lead guitarist playing style was consistent with the common rock and metal genres. The use of the high-gain effects selection, guitar and pickup settings, and the guitarist’s playing style allow the lead riffs and solos to be easily heard without drowning out the other instruments. The solos were very crisp; notes were very distinct despite the speed at which they were played. The lead guitarist easily faded into the background alongside the rhythm guitar when needed, which helped the blend of the songs. The lead guitarist is also the lead vocalist.
The rhythm guitarist used a nice blend of blues chords and power chords to complement the bass and lead riffs. Though the rhythm guitar was often difficult to hear due to proximity, they illustrated a good deal of training, primarily in the blues genre. Rhythm solos also showed the guitarist’s blues influence.
The bass guitarist is one of the few effective 6-string bass guitarists in the area. The guitarist uses a wide scale range as well as many playing techniques. Slap and tap techniques were implemented, in addition to finger picking.
The keyboardist played with classic hymnal styles which complemented the rock style of the rest of the band. Multiple keyboards were played which gave a very harmonic sound that went very well with the lead guitar. The keyboardist showed immense enthusiasm while playing, which helped raise the excitement level of the crowd.
The drummer gave a near-flawless performance and did very well at keeping the band together. The drummer also made good use of a larger than standard drum set. The speed and versatility of the drums could easily compete with notorious, national bands.

- Kevin Pearson

"Artist Review-Concert Promoter"

The Great Aunt Stella Center - Charlotte, NC
September 24, 2005
Review by: Cyndi Sullivan

I had the pleasure of having Silent Calling participate in a concert I produced in 2005 at the Great Aunt Stella Center in Charlotte, NC. They were one of several groups that performed during the evening, and their unique style was a creative addition to the music that was shared by other performers.

The group was very organized and on time. Each member brought their own special talent to the group, which contributed to the strong delivery of each song. Silent Calling brings a special sound of their own that you will want to hear. - Cyndi Sullivan


Right now we have a 5 song demo and are working on material for our debut album. We are also featured on a compilation album put together by


Feeling a bit camera shy


William Keaton taught his two sons, Brandon and Madison, to play music when they were very young. The three spent most of their time writing and recording music in their home studio, and occasionally performing live. Although they love recording, they have a strong passion for sharing their music with a live audience. These three musicians later met guitar player Bryan Porter in 2003, and bass player Matthew Murray in the middle of 2005.

Since then Silent Calling has been working together to master their skills and create music that will effect and enhance the lives of their listeners. Silent Calling has worked with many producers and promoters in their region to continually mold and shape their sound. Their feedback, combined with the diverse musical backgrounds of the band’s members, give them a sound that is uniquely theirs.

Silent Calling is a band filled with passion, creating music that is filled with power. With their love of music and their relentless desire to perform, Silent Calling sets out with a strong voice overcoming any and every obstacle in their way.