Silent Calling

Silent Calling


The one thing that really sticks out with us is the flow of our show. Using segues and vamps, we control the energy and pace of the show, never leaving a dull moment while creating a unique and seamless musical experience.


William Keaton taught his two sons, Brandon and Madison, to play music when they were very young. The three spent most of their time writing and recording music in their home studio, and occasionally performing live. Although they love recording, they have a strong passion for sharing their music with a live audience. These three musicians later met guitar player Bryan Porter in 2003, and bass player Matthew Murray in the middle of 2005.

Since then Silent Calling has been working together to master their skills and create music that will effect and enhance the lives of their listeners. Silent Calling has worked with many producers and promoters in their region to continually mold and shape their sound. Their feedback, combined with the diverse musical backgrounds of the band’s members, give them a sound that is uniquely theirs.

Silent Calling is a band filled with passion, creating music that is filled with power. With their love of music and their relentless desire to perform, Silent Calling sets out with a strong voice overcoming any and every obstacle in their way.


Right now we have a 5 song demo and are working on material for our debut album. We are also featured on a compilation album put together by

Set List

All Original

Crimson Love
Hymn for Him
I’ll be waiting
Isn’t it Time
Man of Sorrow
Out of the Blue
Super Sanity
When You Wake
A Letter Home