Silent Century

Silent Century

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Formed in December 2008, Silent Century is five Boston-based musician/songwriters: Aaron Norell (Iris, Firelily), James Willetts (thenewstrange,The LustKillers), Matt Plumb, Tom Durkin, and Chris Trombley.

After landing a debut gig opening to a sold-out room at The Middle East, Silent Century has toured around New England, supporting and advancing local acts across the northeast. The band is currently in the studio and plans to release a full-length in early 2012.

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Written By: Norell

sensitive to the sound
pulling teeth from the clouds
those were years off my life

short on time
who gave in? Who will decide?
I am that distant divine

rain down
I'm not choosing sides

those tears
kept me afloat for years
while all those nights passed me by

cut off at the knees
choking on the rosary beads
that claimed that six-year-old child

rain down
I'm not choosing sides

who gave in?
who will decide?

who's in and who's out
and who gave in?
who will decide?


Written By: Durkin

we get what we want
with the circles under our eyes
when our teeth break
times are hard
and I guess that's how they'll stay

we take what we want
try to steal away the sunrise
it's a keepsake
and we need
all of these dead balloons
removed from off our shoes
before we settle down

you wake and move on
with the signal fading forward
in a new shade
from what we have to say

so plan all the old flies
time to tear this fuckin' roof down
to a clean slate
and we'll use
all working arms and legs
we'll set this town ablaze
before we settle down

Burning Houses

Written By: Durkin/Norell

somehow in the forgettable night
relapse and forgive
each time it's an elaborate fight
call off the weekend

and in time I'll have it all figured out
until then remind me
in time we'll have a promise of us
admire your body

for now
I'll gaze around
you'll burn our house down

baby tonight
you're all I wanted


Their debut album, Aloha, was recorded and self-released in the spring of 2012. Throughout the album, energetic guitar provides the backdrop for memorable hooks amidst a wash of feedback and driving rhythm. Creative drumming, arresting vocal delivery, and angular guitars merge to create infectious guitar rock.