Silent Epidemic
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Silent Epidemic

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Metal Rock


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The best kept secret in music


"Silent Epidemic"

So I went and saw Spent and Silent Epidemic at Goofy's on Saturday. It was a pretty fun show for just being at a bar. The cool thing about Goofy's is that they're getting new management, they are booking bands for every Saturday night, and it's just a cozy and fun place to go. So when bands play, they push two of the three pool tables out of the way, and the bands just set up and wail. It's pretty cool.

Spent was kinda grungy metaly good stuff. Most of their songs had a really rhythmic and slow feel. The drummer would play fast from time to time, but the overall feeling was just that slow grungy thing that you can easily bang your head to. And there was moshing.

Silent Epidemic all comes up and sets up and looks innocent enough, and then once they started playing they proceeded to blow my face right off my skull. Ok, so the singer is this little friendly asian guy named Chris, and you think he's gonna bust out with some either buttrock or emo or some other kind of "singing", but instead he screams his freaking face off. Like I was seriously wondering WHERE the HELL this power was coming from. I mean, the guy is little... He's not like a midget or anything, but he's not some big burly scary metal dude, and it just was not what I was expecting.

There are two guitar players, one of which is kind of new I guess. They were both really good. To me, I could see the talent going on, but I was a little annoyed by how many changes there were in each song. Luckily this band has a kick ass drummer that kept up with all the crazy changes, and he even busted out a bit of a drum solo at one point. He's freaking crazy, and this band better do all they have to do to hang on to this guy. The bass player was hella cool too. He was playing freakin' chords on his bass. Not many bassists do that anymore, so it was cool to see and hear.

I highly recommend checking out Silent Epidemic if you ever feel like seeing a random local band. Especially if you like metal. The energy these guys put out would be better expended on a bigger stage, so it was like really energetic at good ol' Goofy's. - Linda from


Demo CD Release by Swingset Studio, November 2006
Airplay@- KISW 99.9, February 2007



With our unique time signatures, rhythm, and fast pace action, we constantly are progressing in creating a unique and different sound that sets us apart from other bands. All our band members view our music as a big part of our lives and have dedicated many hours in make our set and our energy as tight as possible. We've played at major venues in Seattle, opened up for national tours such as Incantation, and are about to hit the airwaves later this month. Our influences comes from many bands which include but are not limited to Metallica, Pantera, Devildriver, Chimaira, Lamb of God, and Slipknot. So bring your titanium boxer shorts 'cause we're gonna tear you a new asshole".