Silent Exchange

Silent Exchange


Silent Exchange is a dynamic Christian pop/rock band with an urban hip/hop dimension, energetic live show, and a straight forward message of love, grace, and hope!


For a moment, picture yourself in front of a large blender. First, you put in some pop music. Then you add some rock and a little bit of urban influence. Mix in some lingering melodies and moving lyrics. Lastly, fill it to the top with all of the spices of life..... hope, laughter, truth, fear, pain, joy and all of the others that contribute to the lives that we live. Now, blend. You have just made the musical creation known as Silent Exchange. Serve and enjoy!

As a member of the vocal group Nu Groove, Josh Kiser spent the mid 90's signed with the Los Angeles based record label Blitzz Records. Although their debut project never reached the shelves, he learned great deal about the music industry and what it takes to write a great song. After years of appearing at local events and venues, the group parted ways. Shortly after the split, Josh released his independently distributed debut album "Who I Am". Despite some sales success and airtime, his focused quickly turned in a different direction. Not long after the release of the project, Josh gave his heart to the Lord. This caused a change in his focus and desires.

Before the completion of "Who I Am", Josh had been lending his writing and producing talents to an aspiring Christian singer. As a friend and Co-worker, Andy Dalrymple was interested in what the music world had to offer him. Josh had been talking with Andy about playing out with him to promote his up-coming CD. Andy's guitar and keyboard skills, along with his vocals, were a perfect fit for Josh and his vision. Rehearsals had begun, but things were about to change.

While searching for a lead guitarist, Josh and Andy's paths crossed with a young writer and producer with an ear for music. Aaron Cunningham was a self-taught guitar player who understood what it meant to create a great song. Immediately, a connection, as well as a mutual respect, formed among them. Soon after their first meeting, plans were made to start doing acoustic sets to promote Josh's CD. But one night a phone call was placed and a decision was made. Aaron called Josh and told him that he only wanted to play music that was glorifiying to God. Rather than parting ways and searching for a replacement, Josh decided that it was change that he needed to make himself. And, so, it began.

As the youth music director at his church, Josh had taken an interest to a college freshmen named Josh Greaves. Josh (G.) played a few instruments but wasn't really a master of any one of them. This added to the his surprise when one night, following a youth service, Josh (K.) approached him and told him that he wants him to be his drummer. Although Josh's (G.) father was a drummer and he liked to play, he wasn't sure if he was ready for the task. But after just a few practices, he was playing with the rest of the band in front of several hundred people. And the rest is history

With a love for God and a passion for music, Silent Exchange offers a refreshing sound that is sure to be widely appreciated by many to come. They, as a new band and you, as a new audience, have collectively began a journey that may never come to an end.

Although Silent Exchange has only been together for a little over a year, there list of accomplishment has grow, they never thought that in their first year of playing together that they would have played at Alive Festival, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a string of other big name festival.


God Who Loves Me

Written By: Josh Kiser

I wanna tell you a story
‘Bout how things used to be
Before the days when salvation stopped by

Set this sinner’s soul free….. It went somethin’ like this, see

Back in the day, not long before

This sinner got saved my days were unsure

I was living the life of a fool

The road to nowhere but I thought I was cool

And then somethin’ changed and got rearranged

My priorities flipped but I remained the same

I’m still the crazy kid who likes to have his fun

I can walk in the rain and I’d be still in the “Son”

‘Cause I can see clearly now, I once was blind

Never in a million years did I think I’d find

Myself standin’ here, not feelin’ alone and not livin’ in fear
I owe it all to the One who saved me

brought me from the depths so He could raise me
Yes I’ve got a God who won’t turn His back to
Anyone who is in need
I go to sleep and know when I wake I’m One day closer to free
I’ve got a God who loves me…….
In the beginning the days were hard and the days were long
I knew the melody but I wasn’t singing the song
Then I decided, I’d better walk the walk, not just talk the talk
Since my life was bought and I thought
Hey, what kind of man am I
To disrespect my Father and I started to cry
And when I dropped to my knees the first blessing came
And every day since they come again and again
‘Cause my God’s an awesome God, what more can I say
He shows it to me everyday
So all the glory, all the honor, all the love
I give it all to my God above ‘cause….


Summer 2005-Real Music Competition - Compilation CD
Spring 2006- The Blueprint-EP
Fall 2006-Closer To Free-Full Album
2006-Alive Festival Artist Ovation Winner
2006-Real Music Competition Runner-Up
2006-Nothin'-Radio Airplay 95.9 The Light

Set List

1.God Who Loves Me
2.Feel The Love
3.I'll Be Waiting
4.All About You
5.40 Cries
6.Heaven Help Us
9.I'll Die For You
10.Living God
11.Bring Me Back

We can perform a number of covers in additon to a large variety of modern praise and worship music.