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Silent Fate released their debut album in 2001. Shortly thereafter the band went on one of those hiatus style breakups, only now reemerging with an all new lineup. Fearlessly led by vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Anthony Paganini, the new band’s debut offering (although technically their sophomore release), The Autumn Machine, boasts a wide range of influences, worn wholeheartedly on the members sleeves.

I have to admit that this album caught me off guard quite a lot. During the albums opening tune, “Permicide,” I had nearly decided that the band were likely big Korn fans that were semi-versed in Obituary folklore. While the nu-metal influence certainly doesn’t go away as you get deeper into this disc, it does get toned down quite a bit eventually becoming an enjoyable part of the songs. The band show a lot more versatility after that misleading opening track as a matter of fact. The title track is a great example, while it ducks and dodges in supremely nu-metal fashion the vocals flip back and forth between the clean and the extreme (ala bands like Killswitch Engage, newer Soilwork, and As I Lay Dying). Just when you’ve decided this is a metalcore band though, the band through a curveball with a massively epic interlude mid-song that provide solid evidence these guys know how to play more than ‘core riffs.

“Whisper My Sweet Dear” is one of the album highlights for sure. It’s more melodic and more anthemic than most of the other songs and I’m a sucker for a big anthem Another highlight is the stoner influenced “Just Like Me.” You can certainly here the dark chamber style echoes of early nineties alternative rock like Alice in Chains and later Soundgarden. This song realistically sticks out like a sore thumb on the album since there are no really extreme elements to it but it’s got a great groove and I enjoy the small break from the onslaught. It also has a killer guitar solo that I’m still humming.

All in all it’s hard to peg this band. It’s a pretty schizophrenic album which will appeal to many fans of crazier bands like Between the Buried and Me, Chiodos, and Norma Jean (although they don’t really sound like those bands- they just largely embrace the same general musical philosophy) but at the same time its feet are firmly planted in extreme metal particularly as performed by bands like the aforementioned Obituary, Vader, and a modest sprinkling of Black Metal. . Silent Fate has my attention with this new release for sure. Is this the best album I’ve heard this year? No. Does it make you wonder what this band will be capable of when they find their groove? You bet. Do yourself a favor though and listen to the album over and over but NEVER EVER play the “Pull It Back (Bambu Remix).”

The Autumn Machine a solid slab o’metal that shows just how diverse the word “metal” has become.

Key Tracks: “Whisper My Sweet Dear,” “The Autumn Machine,” “Just Like Me.”

Reviewed by Mark Fisher


Genre: Metal
Label: Independent
Release Date: 10.02.07

Silent Fate's The Autumn Machine is probably one of the most anticipated indie metal releases this year ... and for me, it's almost become an obsession!

If you're an old school fan of Silent Fate, you'll definitely notice some postmortem reconstructive surgery on this record. Right out of the gate, "Permicide" rears its vicious head, driving you into a death spiral of moshworthy blast beats and screaming vox. The title track brings on the same presence with a heaping helping of monster groove. Frank Guertin Jr.'s outstanding propensity for hardcore, stylistic, melodic guitar leads just sends these tracks home.

Up to this point I think I'd been sort of "on the fence" about Alessio's aggressive, growling vocals, but his elemental presence is often displaced by Paganini's harmonious, more refined accompaniment. It's a combination that seems to balance out the entire album with an ear shattering mix of mood & 'tude ... the result being an enigmatic spectrum of styles that encompasses every conceivable manner of metal.

Even though most of The Autumn Machine is a lot harder than anything I've ever heard before from Silent Fate, they do have a less antagonistic side. Songs like "Sadly," "Skin," "A Slow Decay" and "Ice" show their mellower traits; however, it's their version of Duran Duran's "Come Undone" that really adds a whole new dimension to their diverse arsenal. This is an obscure song for any band to cover, but SF's adaptation reinvents it ... bringing in the soulful vox of Meegan Coleman to augment Paganini's almost spot on Simon LeBon impression. "Junior" even plays a pivotal role, bringing this one to a new level with a set of licks causing me to rethink the fact that I was playing air guitar to Duran Duran!

Also of notable mention are the more mainstream tracks fronted by The Howard Stern Show's Billy Mira ... "Whole" and "Just Like Me." These songs are screaming with a hard edge alternative sound that it seems only Silent Fate can bring to the table.

Groove, melody, intensity, composition, musicianship, diversity and endless hooks ... this whole record is the ultimate cornucopia of sonic sensation; a truly dynamic mix of style and substance. A new band, new sound and new attitude have created sort of a coup d'état for Silent Fate. This more intense version still displays that telltale glimmer of the original band, yet bridges their dark origins with a brutal passion that'll transcend the boundaries of modern metal for sure!

Added: September 3rd 2007
Reviewer: Susan Frances
Score: 4.5 of 5

- Garage Radio


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Silent Fate - Full Length
Crankspiv Compilation - Single
The Autumn Machine - Full Length



“Groove, melody, intensity, composition, musicianship, diversity and endless hooks ... this whole record is the ultimate cornucopia of sonic sensation; a truly dynamic mix of style and substance.”
--Susan Frances, Garage Radio

SILENT FATE was formed in 2001 with a desire to grab metal music by the ear. However, artistic differences dissolved the band just after their debut album was released. Circa 2006: SILENT FATE founder Anthony Paganini began the task of SILENT FATE’s postmortem reconstruction.
As owner/operator of The Mess Studio in New York, Paganini unwittingly auditioned new members while producing records for their bands. Hand-picking his dream band of collaborators, Paganini reformed SILENT FATE as the band it is today.

When asked to explain the tone of The Autumn Machine, SILENT FATE: “The idea behind the album stylistically is that metal music doesn’t have to fit one particular mold. Every song is a different twist on rock. “Permicide” is a thrashy Slayer-esque tune, “The Autumn Machine” and “Black” are in the vein of Euro-black metal. “A Slow Decay” is an acoustic ballad. “Skin” and “Ice” are slow, Type O Negative-type rock. “Create” is a punk-meets-metal mix. We primed it that way – it’s a kind of “something for everyone” mentality.”

Paganini (vocals, bass and keys) is the emotional center of the group and its lead songwriter. A distant relative for the mad genius Niccolo Paganini, Anthony manages to craft songs that are intense, passionate and command repeat listens without having sold his soul to the devil. Paganini exclusively plays Woody Phifer bass.

Paganini is joined on vox by Alessio Campoli. His intense screams add a dynamic to SILENT FATE that has put the band in the same league as - and earned them favorable comparisons to - Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

Initiating Lead guitarist Frank Guertin Jr. in the SILENT FATE fraternity was a no-brainer. His former collaborations read like a Who’s Who of hard rock legends. Staring at age 15, Guertin was a student of Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Megadeath) and his first band had its CD produced by members of Foreigner.

When not behind the drum kit for SILENT FATE, Danny Lamagna is an accomplished session musician with endorsements from DW Drums, Vater sticks and Sabian Cymbals. If his name sounds familiar to some, it’s because he can often be seen, and always heard, as a member of Brooklyn hard rockers Suicide City.

Rounding out SILENT FATE’s quintet on rhythm guitar, Steve Squicciarini warmed up for his roll in the band by honing his craft with Shatterpoint and Desecration. His finely tuned attention to detail and his keen musical ear were what drew him and Paganini together.

“The Autumn Machine was recorded as a kind of ‘F**K You!’” says Paganini. “Everyone has their own kiss-off tied to the record whether it is an ex-wife, an ex-bandmate, or a former friend. This album was intended to show them.” Two music videos for the songs, “Whisper My Sweet Dear” and “Come Undone” are expected later this fall. For more information on the latest SILENT FATE news check out