Silent Land Time Machine

Silent Land Time Machine


layer upon layer of violin, viola, acoustic guitar, slippery electric slide, percussion, electronics, accordion, buried vocals, and found sounds making haunted, rollicking, thick sonic blankets of sound. many simple parts entwined, looped, and orchestrated into an undulating whole.


Self taught violist / violinist / guitarist / etc, as well as recording engineer, though calling myself that now at this point seems a little ridiculous.

The music is lots of little, simple phrases of music all leaning in on each other and moving together and doing things they couldn't do on their own: a sum of parts surely. I love organic instrumentation and electronic exploration and how they're juxtaposed, especially in an age when we're trying to how closely we can bonded with machines...

Recorded my first album, &hope still, in my room when I was deciding to stop going to school here in Austin, TX. It was co-released between my own label, Indian Queen Records, and the very awesome / pure / noble TIME-LAG Records up in Maine. I had been buying records from them for a couple of years at that point, so it was really a surprise & honor to be working with Nemo (the fellow behind it all up there...) directly.

I was really influenced by most things emanating from Constellation Records up in Montreal ever since I first heard godspeed you! black emperor. However, I got more interested in the label itself, along with many of the other artists they had (do make say think, sandro perri / polmo polpo, fly pan am, a silver mt. zion). I had similar levels of interest for FatCat Records in the UK, as well as Time-Lag here in the states.


&hope still - TLR-045 / IQR-001

- I'm on pandora, and a number of other type sites.

Set List

coward (unreleased)
i shouldn't be in school
copper pot topography
age of happiness (unreleased)
down the hill
if only the heart could think (unreleased)

My sets are usually between 40min-1h long. I cover a couple of Jeff Mangum's songs sometimes when I'm playing alone (which is half of the time usually).