Silent Motion

Silent Motion


Silent Motion is a cross between Classic Rock/Jazz/Funk. Their sound is unique and original, something everyone can enjoy. Their hard work and dedication is shown through their music. Music is something that they love, and thats why their's sounds great.


Silent Motion recently traveled up to Clubhouse Inc. Recording Studios in Rhinebeck, NY. After two long days in studio, they found themselves tired and weary. And yet, they walked away saying they feel great, because they accomplished something they never thought they could.

When the members got together a few years back, they each understood that they were in this for a common interest, their love for music. Once together they were able to come up with amazing lyrics and then amazing music. Silent Motion is a family. We all grew up together, we fight, we laugh... but thats what a basic family does. And of course we work things out because thats what we do. This band is unique, in that any one of them would be willing to help the other out in anyway possible at any given time. Whether it be financially or emotionally, they are there in time of need. This band has ambition, determination, motivation but most of all dedication. Music is their life, and so they have decided to pursue that dream and make it reality. They want their life's work to revolve around music, their music.


Paper Walls

Written By: Silent Motion

Every time I fall into your eyes..
Paper walls start to rise....
and everything around us disappears...

Every time I fall into your eyes
Paper walls start to rise
and everything around us disappears
as the cards collapse beneath your whispered breath

fast as the wind we ride this charriot
and wonder how much longer can it go,
water falls from the big blue sky
as it begins to explode.

these walls capture us
full gear as we thrust
as the lights turn dim
paper walls will keep us in

When I'm in your paper walls
I feel your heart beat so close
you take me to another realm
it feels surreal I just can't tell

You take me to a higher ground,
move in without a sound
feeling of joy and extacy
to be, to be, to be as high as me

these walls capture us
full gear as we thrust
as the lights turn dim
paper walls will keep us in


Silent Motion - Damsel In Distress

1. Drive Me Mad
2. Paper Walls
3. Poison Fruit
4. Damsel In Distress
5. The Sun Behind The Stars
6. King of the World
7. Looking Out, Looking In

Set List

1. Damsel In Distress
2. Hard to Handle - Black Crowes
3. Paper Walls
4. Drive Mad
5. Alley Jam
6. Poison Fruit