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Silent Page


Silent Page is 4 like minded guys brought together by fate who share the desire to write music that is the perfect marriage of melody and passion with a positive twist. When life gets you down the soulful licks, in the pocket grooves, or meaningful lyrics will surely lift you back up.


The melody and lyrics of a song called “Scattered Discontent” made their first appearance in a St. Louis basement in 1998. Guitarist Josh Emry was working with a vocalist and writing material for a project that had yet to be defined. With many songs written and over a year under their belts, the winds of great fortune brought Paul Counts in to the mix to be the spine and thunder of the music on drums. Rob Witte had played bass with Paul in years past and agreed to lend his talents to the project. The band Silent Page was born at that moment in early 2000.

Losing Sand was a full-length CD of original music, self-produced, and released in September of 2000. The song “Superhero” was played numerous times on 101.1 FM The River on The Homegrown Show. The song was selected to be on a nationally distributed sampler disc featuring Nils Lofgren from the E-Street Band. Several songs from Losing Sand were featured in the independent film release “Dumping Jenny.” Silent Page was playing frequent gigs in many of the top clubs in St. Louis. It was at this moment that the original vocalist decided to leave the band and pursue an opportunity to front a cover band. However, the core of the band was left intact and was more determined than ever to gain further success.

Everything fell in to place when Shane Cornell entered the world of Silent Page in the fall of 2002. The three original members of the band found their soul mate when Shane took over the lead vocal duties. The band became one cohesive unit where all four members were truly on the same page. The foursome began crafting brand new music together before heading in to the studio to cut the band’s sophomore effort aptly titled Chapter 2.

The success of the band in the early years was garnered through hard work and dedication. But it was painfully evident that something had been missing after the current line up was assembled. Perhaps it was the addition of a 12-string guitar to fill out the sound in live performances. Perhaps it was that the band finally believed in the lyrics that conveyed new and powerful messages. It doesn’t really matter at this point because the three original members of Silent Page don’t think about the beginnings of the band. Silent Page is exactly as it should be…right here and right now. Chapter 2 was released to a standing-room-only crowd at The Off Broadway in St. Louis in August 2004. The band plans to carry their music and message to other parts of the region and build a fan base with a powerful connection to their music. Silent Page knows after all of its success…the best is yet to come.


Good Girl

Written By: Silent Page

I’m in love with these sisters
And their momma’s blowin’ my resisters
Sweetest girls that I’ve ever known
I can’t believe my eyes I watch them gettin' grown
Pretty blue eyes, yeah you Nastasia
I sure am glad your momma knew how to raise ya
I like the way you always make me laugh
And how you’re livin' on the straight and narrow path

Cause you’re a Good girl, in a bad world
You can live right, and you can still have fun
You’re a good girl, in a bad world
Saving yourself for the right one

Pretty brown eyes, Gabrielle
Always warning people not to go to hell
Don’t be surprised, it ain’t too odd
I found out that her name means woman of God
She’s a good girl, and she believes in Jesus
She’s always talking he’s the only one who frees us
Both the girls are special indeed
Tell the other girls in class to just follow the lead…


Let me tell you all about it she’s a good girl (4x)



Chapter 2 (2004) - Engineered by Chris Hughes
Kiss Me Baby, I just Call, Good Girl, and Forgiven have received airplay on various stations.
Losing Sand (2000) - self produced
Home, Over the River, and Superhero received airplay.

Set List

Cover songs we might play:
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Can't Get Enough of Your Love
I Don't Wanna Be

Setlist usaully mixes in slower tunes with faster tunes, building to a lively ending song to leave the crowd wanting more.