Silent Pride

Silent Pride

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

We hope to achieve great fame and respect for being one of the best metal band in saying that we want to influence the humanity for the positive ......


Silent pride first pronounced in 2009 when the band found the light they were searching for. the creative juices of the chemistry had found a purpose to get the musical ideas out there, writing melodic music with a heavy approach, silent pride is one sick band...

Band Members:

Rick - guitar
Suman - guitar
Les - drums
Marcus- Vocal
Darren -Bass

scar symmetry, devin townsend, the vision bleak, antonio vivaldi,metallica,in flames,,cacophony,Slipknot ,Trivium, muse,jeff loomis,yngwie malmsteen,machine head,dimmu borgir,madball,opeth just to name a few........

We Sound Like:---
heavy classical metal with a tainted dark and interesting melodic feel with changes of different aspects of emotional expression .


We are working hard to get the album done by mid of 2011.....But we finished our 5 singles (all instrumental) couple of month ago.Due to band commitments ,we were unable to record them with vocal .We will complete it as soon as possible .
All were done at Rock city rehearsal ,Coomera
1. Intro
3.Judge Not
5.Regression Session