Silent Q

Silent Q


Silent Q is a band from Louisville, Kentucky. Sometimes heavy, sometimes mellow, and always melodic, Silent Q pushes the boundaries of the modern rock genre!!


The music industry has finally discovered the goldmine that is the Louisville, Kentucky music scene. With all the attention that has focused on recent local successes, such as Days of the New, Primer 55, Tantric, Nappy Roots, FLAW, and several others that are being courted by the majors right now, Silent Q stands poised and ready to be the next band to show the world that Louisville's rock scene is undeniably rich in talent.

Formed in 1999, the core of Silent Q began developing their style and searching for the perfect additions to the band. After a few rotations of very talented musicians, the rhythm section has solidified. Featuring former members of Flaw, My Own Victim, and the very popular regional band, The Jive Rockets (a jump blues/swing band), the current incarnation of the band has locked into its unique blend of influences and personalities, pushing forward even stronger than before.

Since the final pieces of the band have come together, the songs have not stopped. Almost writing themselves, new songs have been pouring out faster than they can be recorded. The balance of energy between the roaring guitars and soaring vocals dance back and forth; furious riffs mix with passionate harmonies, anchored by the assertive interplay of drums and bass.

Feeling confident in the songs, Silent Q has been pushing more and more of that energy into their live performance. Making new fans at every show, the band has spread its name purely by word of mouth. But with a debut studio album nearly finished, Silent Q is prepared to charge into the regional scene and beyond.


Silent Q EP (2002)
502 Live Compilation CD (2003)
"Everyday Circus" - Full-Length CD (2004)

Set List

Our typical set lists includes:

One Breath Away
Farewell to the Sun
Fractured Memories
On My Own

Occasional covers include:

Cult of Personality (Living Colour)
Falling to Pieces (Faith No More)
Angel's Son (Sevendust)