Silent Redemption

Silent Redemption


Mixing aspects from the classic sounds of arena rock all the way to the hard hitting sounds of today’s hard rock/metal scene, it is no doubt Silent Redemption has a sound all its own; guitar solos, hard driving riffs, unforgettable hooks and lyrics that have lasting impact are all key ingredients of their unique sound.


Silent Redemption is looking to bring a positive approach to the music scene with the same good feeling that real rock has brought people for generations. To have a lasting impact on anyone who listens is what Silent Redemption is all about.

Silent Redemption is a band with its roots planted in rock, hard rock, metal, and all the great classics. With the help of God, friends and family, James Robinson (lead vocals) and Rob Rathunde (drums) started Silent Redemption with nothing more than a few song ideas and a vision of something different. Their goal was to form a band with lasting influence and a sound that is unmistakable.

After about a month of working together and polishing their rough ideas, they started their search for the remaining members. Although never an easy task, their efforts were rewarded when they found Alex Nambo (lead guitar), and a few months later, Ben Holt (bass guitar). At this point, with everyone having a career oriented mindset and the work ethic to go along with it, they’ve all set out to take their music as far as God allows.


Set List

Silent Redemption is an all Original Band

Can perform 3 hours of Original music and
2 hours of cover tunes