Silent Reunion

Silent Reunion

 Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA

Hard to pin down yet easily recognizable, often considered a melting pot of King Crimson, The Mars Volta, Thrice and Radiohead (with a dash of Prince for good measure), Silent Reunion is not afraid to take a musical journey and they love nothing more than to bring their listeners along for the ride.


Years of passion, dedication, and experimentation produced what appeared to be an overnight sensation: the band Silent Reunion. Their group spawned from necessity; the members have an uncontrollable urge to be a voice of their surroundings.

Hard to define yet instantly recognizable, Silent Reunion continually blurs the lines between rock, jazz, funk, punk, electronic, and soul music to create an eclectic yet cohesive catalogue of music. They have filled a newly created niche, expanding the fan base with each live show as a result of their ability to satisfy multiple musical palettes.

Singer/guitarist Pete Benes combines his soulful, sexy, yet innocent voice with raw and mournful tones on his black SG to mesmorize the hearts and minds of the audience. Drummer Billy Mosteller may evoke comparisons to Stewart Copeland, John Densmore, or Jeff Buckley's drummer Matt Johnson, but his style would be impossible to mimic. It's spontaneous, logical, physical. Lead guitarist Zak Theis possesses a savant-like talent with spacial and gem-like solos that could symbolize his seeker mentality. Bassist Zac Kabinoff stands like a tree swaying in the wind onstage, rooted to the ground and laying down sick, in-the-pocket bass work which is as much a new sound as a classic one. Silent Reunion's newest member, Elliot Wilson, uses keys and synth to augment the songs with texture and a rounded atmosphere, as well as supplementing with harmonies and percussion. As a stew, this band is some tasty nourishment.

Samsara, Silent Reunion's sophomore album released in the Fall of 2012, expands on the concepts put forth in their debut album, Hush. The album title comes from the Sanskrit term for the cycle of birth and death, and the possibility that such a cycle is an illusion brought on by the sense of individual separation. The songs on the album reflect that concept, both lyrically and compositionally.

Recent performances have taken place in prominent Philadelphia venues such as: JC Dobbs, Grape Room, Media Theatre, Steel City Coffee House, M Room, Northstar Bar, and many others.


Samsara [2012]
Hush [2010]

Set List

The Push
Lee Harvey
A Prayer
Within a Dream
Stir of Echoes
Look Into
3rd Floor Visions
Apple Fly