silent seymour

silent seymour


Compared to a long list of bands and artists. Acts such as ...Trail Of Dead, Dinosaur Jr., Neil Young and Wayne Newton top that list.


Silent Seymour formed in 2002 at the dawn of a new era of music. Other groups emerging at the time decided to go the way of playing for the tearful outsider, or crushing serious power chords into the beer soaked faces of their fans. And while Silent Seymour is known to crush some faces and occasionally have a good cry, they decided that honesty had become lost somewhere in the early part of this century. Honesty that they knew they had to bring back to the alternative scene.
When they released their first album "Rocket to Regina" in 2005 they proved, in their early stages, that they could write songs without forcing a genre, while creating a sound that was all their own. That sound has now evolved into their highly anticipated first full lenght album "I was a teenage zombie" which is to be released in the cold early months of 2007.
Feeling lost in the shuffle of pseudo punk couture and sounds lost in style, Silent Seymour have written songs set in a world of need and lack of hope. Its easy to see that with songs like "Burning Forest" and "Coyote Problems" Silent Seymour have started a fire and it's out of control.


Rocket to Regina, Ep 2005.
CFBU, Charts #18 For Week ending May 6th.